Smart Xiaomi has not Yet Received MIUI 10, and Lenovo P2 Firmware is ready

Written by Hassan Abbas

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 10 firmware just a couple of weeks ago. And even the owners of the devices of this Chinese company have not received it yet. On some devices, a beta version of the firmware is already available. Somewhere in the closed mode, somewhere already it was possible to download images of the system. But before the distribution of the global version, everything must still pass the time, which lasts unbearably slowly. However, the smartphone Lenovo P2 already boasts that it works with MIUI 10, and stable. How do you like this turn?

By the way, some suggest that MIUI 10 also ported to the device Zuk Z2, which, in fact, can be called a Lenovo device.

As for the port for Lenovo P2, here we say thank you to the XDA forum participant with the nickname y4977143. He was able to adapt the firmware MIUI 10 build 8.6.19 for this device.



Everything works stable, but for the time being there are not some minor, but nice chips from the Chinese. For example, the very moment when the system’s voice system changes depending on the time of day, full-screen gestures, etc. And also some artificial intelligence chips, but they are still only aimed at the Chinese market.

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Wi-fi, fingerprint scanner, camera, video recording, audio playback – it all works without problems. But they report some glitches with NFC. If this moment is critical for you, it’s worthwhile to wait with the installation, because of the doppels promise.

In addition, the firmware will only be Chinese and English. And Google Apps will have to be manually installed (here is the detailed instruction about GApps ), but it’s not difficult since you can change the firmware.

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