Single-Board Computer from Gigabyte Received a Quad-Core Processor

Gigabyte GA-SBCAP 3450
Written by Hassan Abbas

Gigabyte GA-SBCAP 3450 – single-board computer based on Celeron N3450 processor with all the advantages of Raspberry Pi.

About a year after the launch of a single-board computer based on the Intel Apollo Lake processor, support for a solid-state drive of M.2 format and replaceable laptop memory, Gigabyte released a new motherboard with the model number GA-SBCAP3450.

The only difference between the current board from last year’s GA-SBCAP3350 is the support for a quad-core Celeron N3450 processor, whereas the previous model used a dual-core Celeron N3350 chip. Apparently, the company decided that it is still early for the new Intel Gemini Lake processors, we will not see them in single-board computers soon.

Gigabyte GA-SBCAP 3450

Gigabyte GA-SBCAP3450 is a small motherboard with soldered processor and SODIMM slots for DDR3L-1866 RAM (sold separately), Mini-PCIe for SSD mSATA drive and another Mini-PCIe for compact wireless cards. The device is also equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI, VGA, external USB 3.1 and internal USB 2.0, GPIO, LPT, I2C and other interfaces.

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This fee is not intended for ordinary consumers, but rather is intended for enthusiasts who want to build a single-board computer with passive cooling and its own components. In general, Gigabyte GA-SBCAP3450 is an excellent alternative to Raspberry Pi.

Via: Neowin

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