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User guide on How to adjust and show the keyboard in GarageBand

Written by Hassan Abbas

While you could add Apple Loops and import samples to use for your GarageBand creations, you can additionally use an onscreen keyboard to make the track. For making music in GarageBand your way, here’s how to reveal the keyboard on Mac and iOS

On Mac, you can use the keyboard because it seems on a piano or organ in addition to musical typing with your laptop keyboard. And on iOS, you may faucet to open the keyboard and modify its settings without problems.

The keyboard in GarageBand

While everyone is a piece specific than the others, right here’s how to reveal the keyboard on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Click a hyperlink to leap to the commands for the device you’re the use of.

  • Show and alter the keyboard on Mac
  • Also, Show and adjust the keyboard on the iPhone
  • Show and alter the keyboard on iPad

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Show the keyboard on Mac

Open your musical creation in GarageBand on Mac. Then click Window > Show Keyboard or Window > Show-Musical Typing.

If you choose to Show Keyboard, you’ll see those ivory keys pop up in a window with a purpose to play.

If you pick out to Show-Musical Typing, you’ll see pc keyboard keys open in that window rather. This lets you kindly as you typically might but create music along with your typing abilities.

With both one of these alternatives displayed, you can switch among them easily using the buttons on the top left of that keyboard window.

Adjust the key variety

You also can pick out the range of keys used for every keyboard. At the pinnacle of the keyboard window, click and drag the blue field or use the arrows on the left and right of it to choose the variety you want to apply.

Adjust the keyboard sensitivity

If you want to alter the speed degree of the notes you’re going to play at the keyboard, click the Smart Controls button at the top left of the GarageBand window.

When you see the Keyboard Sensitivity putting displays on the bottom left, simply flow the slider to make your adjustment.

Show the keyboard on iPhone

If you’re the usage of GarageBand on your iPhone, you may pop open the keyboard easily. Open your track and then do the following.

1) Tap the region for the instrument.

2) Tap the Keyboard icon at the top left.

Adjust the key range

To alternate the key variety, faucet the center button for Glissando and exchange it to Scroll. You can then slide the keys left or right to choose an extraordinary variety.
GarageBand Scroll iPhone

Adjust the velocity sensitivity

To trade the speed sensitivity, observe these simple steps.

1) Tap the Settings (tools icon) button at the pinnacle proper and select Track Controls.

2) Tap Track Settings while the controls open on the left.

3) Tap to expand Velocity Sensitivity and select from high, medium, low, or off.

Tap the Controls button in blue at the top proper to shut the settings and return for your keyboard.

Show the keyboard on iPad

If you’re the use of GarageBand for your iPad, you may show the keyboard just as without difficulty. Open your music after which do the following.

1) Tap the location for the device.

2) Tap the Keyboard icon on the pinnacle left.

Adjust the important thing variety

To change the key variety, faucet the middle button for Glissando and trade it to Scroll. You can then slide the keys left or right to pick out an exceptional variety.

Adjust the velocity sensitivity

To change the rate sensitivity, do the subsequent.

1) Tap the Keyboard button at the keyboard.

2) Turn on the toggle for Velocity and close the settings by tapping elsewhere at the screen.

3) Move the slider to the left of the instrument call at the keyboard for Velocity.


GarageBand Velocity pad wrapping it up
Using the onscreen keyboard for developing distinct sounds in GarageBand is probably just what your track needs. Are you going to provide it an attempt to your device? Let us know!

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