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User guide on How to share a song in GarageBand on Mac and iOS

Written by Hassan Abbas

Whether you’ve completed song mastery or are searching for a few help along with your tune, you could proportion music which you create in GarageBand without difficulty and in a spread of methods. The user shares a song in GarageBand on Mac and iOS quickly now.

Want to percentage it to your iTunes library and pay attention to it each day? Do you Want to send it in your friend for his or her input. Now Want to export it to a disk for a physical reproduction? We’re here to help; here’s how to proportion a song in GarageBand on both Mac and iOS.

Share a tune in GarageBand on Mac

You have a few particular avenues for sharing your GarageBand tune in case you use the app in your Mac. So, open GarageBand on your theme and do one of the following method.

Share to iTunes

1) Click Share > Song to iTunes from the menu bar.

2) Complete the info in your song, including identity, artist, composer, album, iTunes playlist, and first-class.

3) Click Share.

After some seconds, you’ll see iTunes pop open right for your tune.

Share it to the Media Browser

Click Share > Song to Media Browsers from the menu bar.

You’ll see the method because the song is sent to your Media Browser for use in other GarageBand creations in user MAC.

Sharing to SoundCloud

1) Click Share > Song to SoundCloud from the menu bar.

2) Log into your SoundCloud account if caused.

3) Select Bounce on the pinnacle to percentage the contemporary tune. Complete the closing info on your song consisting of title, artist, composer, album, satisfactory, visibility, and permissions.

4) Click Share.

Send through email or AirDrop

1) Click Share > AirDrop… or Share > Mail… from the menu bar.

2) For either choice, you’ll get hold of the same pop-up window. Select Song at the pinnacle and then optionally modify the identity and first-rate.

3) For AirDrop, you’ll see the AirDrops window open if you want to pick a recipients. For Mail, a new emails window will open together with your tune within the frame.

4) Finish the manner for AirDrop and your song is shared.

Export to a disk

1) Click Share > Export to Disk from the menu bar.

2) Adjust the call, tags, and area on your tune.

3) Select the file type from AAC, MP3 or WAVE and optionally choose a document first-rate.

Four) Click Export.

Share a song in GarageBand on iPhone or iPad

GarageBand Export to Disk MacShare a tune in GarageBand on iPhone or iPad

Open GarageBand for your iPhone or iPad after which you comply with these steps to share your track.

1) On the primary GarageBand screen (Your Songs) tap and hold the song you want and choose Share.

2) Choose a Song.


3) Select the audio first-class, alter info if necessary, for artist, composer, and album, and optionally pick a cowl picture. Tap Share.

4) Pick from your sharing alternatives like Messages, AirDrop, Mail, SoundCloud, or iTunes, after which follow the prompts to complete the sharing.




If you need to proportion your GarageBand music, it’s clean to do on any of your gadgets and you have a diffusion of sharing options.

Are you going to percentage your musical introduction with a chum or member of the family? Or perhaps you need it in your iTunes or SoundCloud library for yourself? Let us know!

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