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Share Audio with AirPods from iPhone & iPad

Share Audio with AirPods
Written by Hassan Abbas

Share Audio with AirPods: After iOS 13 and iPadOS software updates, you can easily share audio with wireless headphones such as the AirPods earphones or any supported Beats headphones. You and your friend both listen to the same audio from your iOS device.

With audio sharing, users connect two pairs of AirPods or other supported devices to a single iPhone or iPad and also listen to the same media at the same time.

You can pair two sets of AirPods or other compatible wireless headphones to one iPhone or iPad to listen to the same song or movie with your friend.

You can also share audio with a friend wearing a single AirPod. In our guide learn how to use two sets of compatible earphones or headphones to share audio with a friend.

Share Audio with Airpods or Wireless Headphones:

It requires an iPhone or iPod touch running the iOS 13.1 update or later. You can use an iPad powered by the iPadOS 13.1 software and up. If you want to install the latest iOS software for your device, go to Settings → General → Software Update. Supported audio devices must be powered by Apple’s W1 or H1 headphone chip.

The following wireless headsets are supported:

  • AirPods/AirPods Pro Wireless earphones
  • Powerbeats Pro Wireless earphones
  • BeatsX Wireless earphones
  • Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones

These are the following iOS device models that support the audio sharing feature:


  • iPhone 8 and later


iPad Pro:
    • 12.9-inch
    • 11-inch
    • 10.5-inch
    • 5th generation and later
    • Air (3rd generation)
    • Mini (5th generation)

iPod touch

  • iPod touch (7th generation)

How to Share Audio with Wireless Headphones

Here are the steps to share audio with a friend via supported wireless headphones or earphones from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1:

Get your AirPods/AirPods Pro then open the lid. Your earphones or headphones should be connected to your iOS device.

Step 2:

Put your wireless audio device and play it. Then press the AirPlay icon from the Now Playing controls within the app on your Lock screen or in Control Center and select the option Share Audio or Temporarily Share Audio that should appear below the name of your wireless earphones or headphones.

Step 3:

Now connect the other headphones or earphones to your iOS device. In this entire process, your friend’s earphones are inside their case and your ones should be connected to your iOS device and you must be wearing them.

  • AirPods: Ask your friend to hold their other AirPods/AirPods Pro close to your iPhone or iPad. It must be inside the charging case and the lid must be opened.
  • Beats Studio3 or Solo3: Your friend presses the power button on their headphones for less than one second while holding them close to your iOS device.
  • Other wireless headphones: The other person put their wireless headphones in pairing mode and hold them close to your iOS device.
Step 4:

When your friend’s wireless headphones or earphones appear on the screen of your iOS device. Click the option Share Audio or Temporarily Share Audio on your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions to complete your audio sharing session.

And that’s it!

Continue reading this guide if you’d like to learn how you can separately control the volume of each set of earphones.

How to Control Audio:

The same audio controls also used to change the volume and play, pause and stop shared audio. You can also adjust the volume during an audio sharing session for both audio devices separately.

Control the Volume of both Headphones:

Firstly, Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Touch and hold or press and hold the volume control and drag the volume slider for either set of headphones or earphones.

Yeah exactly, it’s that easy.

Independently control the volume of each set of audio devices

You can also separately control the volume. On your iOS device, invoke Control Center and hold or press and hold the volume slider. Make sure a pair of volume sliders seeing. Now drag these separate volume sliders to independently adjust the volume levels for each set of wireless earphones or headphones.

These dual volume sliders also appear in Control Center, on your Lock screen and in other places where iOS’ now Playing controls are available. Plus, each user can independently control the audio with the hardware controls on their audio device.

How to Stop Sharing Audio:

To stop the current audio sharing session simply tap the AirPlay icon on the Lock screen of your iOS device, in Control Center or in the app you’re listening to. Also, press the checkmark next to the name of your friend’s audio device to turn off a shared connection.

Doing this instantly disconnects the second set of headphones or earphones immediately.


For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. You may also share your experience with us.

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