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Share Apple Music Songs On Facebook and Instagram Stories

share Apple Music songs
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to share Apple Music songs? The Music app in iOS 13.5 enables you to share Apple Music songs on Instagram or Facebook Stories. You can share it in an efficient manner identical to a feature in the Spotify app. However, it allows their customers to share song titles as interactive stories. Follow our guide with us as we display you how to share Apple Music songs on Instagram or Facebook Stories.

Apple Music and Instagram Stories

Instagram supports music in its interactive Stories feature since June 2018. Also, the users enabled to pre-select a song then record a video to match. It is quite similar to the several lip-syncing apps out there. It’s not the best if you could share what you’re listening to on Apple Music in a similar same way using your followers on Instagram and Facebook?

Beginning with iOS and iPadOS 13.5, you can.

This feature makes a slide that we publish as an efficient story on Instagram or Facebook. The story shows album artwork with a matching animated background. Also, your followers can click the song name in the story to hear it on Apple Music.

Follow our guide included right ahead for complete instructions on how to share Apple Music songs on Instagram and Facebook Stories.

How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

Simply do this to share any Apple Music album, song, or playlist as an Instagram or Facebook Story:

Step 1:

Head over to the Music app.

Step 2:

Initiate listening to a song, album, or playlist on Apple Music.

Step 3:

Press the three-dotted button in the mini-player.

Step 4:

Click the choice Share from the list.

Step 5:

Select Instagram or Facebook from the share sheet.

Step 6:

The app will generate an amazing story uisng the album/song/playlist name and the same background before redirecting you to the Instagram or Facebook app. From there, manage the post audience and use the creative tools to add drawings, stickers, and other interactive elements to make your story. When satisfied, click Share to Story to push the story live.

This amazing feature is not reduced to just songs as you are free to share whole albums and also playlists as interactive stories. It includes both AI-generated or curated playlists that are available on Apple Music like the “Get Up! Mix” playlist.

If you want to reiterate, the ability to share Apple Music songs on Instagram and Facebook Stories need an iPhone or iPod touch using an iPad with iPadOS 13.5 and iOS 13.5.

Currently, the features are unsupported in the Music app for macOS.


Here’s all about “Share Apple Music songs”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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