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Set Up Zoom In Safari on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Set Up Zoom In Safari
Written by Hassan Abbas

If you have issues reading text on particular websites, you can then adjust the font size in Safari. Or else you can set up zoom in Safari. But they are not quite enough. Maybe the webpage you’re visiting has pictures that you like to view bigger. Or it might be the site size overall is just too small.

There’s an amazing accessibility feature for Safari on both iOS and Mac. Also, it enables you to zoom a specific percentage on all sites you visit or only those where you want it. We’ll display you how to allow zoom in Safari in this guide.

Set up zoom in Safari on Mac

To allow zoom in Safari on your Mac just configure it for all sites or just a few, follow these steps carefully.

Step 1:

Initially, open Safari and tap Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Tap the Websites tab.

Step 3:

On the left, select Page Zoom.

In the center screen, you’ll view sites you currently have open at the top and sites you’ve configured at the bottom.

Step 4:

For any website on the list, simply tap the drop-down box for the zoom percentage on the right. You can choose from as low as 50 percent or as high as 300 percent. Also, you can configure each site differently.

Step 5:

However, all other websites, you currently visit are not already on your list. You can also select a default percent at the bottom. Tap the drop-down box next to When visiting other websites and make your choice.

When you complete, you can just close the Safari Preferences window. You should also view your modification to take effect immediately.

Set up zoom in Safari on iPhone and iPad

While browsing the web on a smaller screen than your PC. Simply using zoom can be even handier. You just do the following to allow and configure zoom in Safari on iOS.

Step 1:

Open Settings and tap Safari.

Step 2:

Now move down and under Settings for Websites, tap Page Zoom.

Step 3:

Just like Mac, you’ll view websites that you have changed the Page Zoom for at the top. However, to modify one, click it and select a new zoom percentage.

You can also edit the list of sites on this screen. Click Edit at the top and then Remove or Clear All Settings.

Step 4:

Under the Page Zoom screen, select a default percentage for all other pages you visit in Safari that isn’t already on your list.

Once done, click the arrow at the top to return to your Settings or close the app.


While using zoom in Safari is a very simple way to view websites and pages larger and more clearly. And due to the setting is quite easy to access on all your devices, you can modify it back at any time.

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