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How to set the Memoji on Apple Watch

Set Memoji on Apple Watch
Written by Hassan Abbas

When Apple releases the watchOS 7 at this moment they add a Memoji app allowing you to creative with Memojis right from Apple Watch. However, you are able to use Memoji watch Face to display off those you Make or the Animojis if you like to prefer. Moreover, there is a simple way to set Memoji on Apple Watch.

However, the Memoji Watch face is an excellent new method to show something fun and different from other things. And remember this in your mind that, the images are not stationary. Similarly, you are able to look at the face movement and making the expressions. In addition, if you will click it, then you are able to have the character making a silly face. So, we will display to you how to customize it on your Apple Watch.

Set the Memoji on Apple Watch

If you are the wearer of this Apple Watch, then you will aware that you are able to set your faces on Either your Watch or your iPhone. You can make a start by attaining the face into your My Faces gallery in the Watch app on your iPhone first.

Set Memoji on iPhone

Similarly, open the Watch app and then choose the Face Gallery tab. Now you have to follow these steps.

1) First find and choose the  Memoji of your own choice.

2) Now you are able to set it right away if you like. But if you are preferring to do that on your Watch instead just tap Add and then jump below to that section.

3) Now you have to select a color that will serve as the background for the Memoji or Animoji.

4) Whether you are creating a Memoji that you are desiring to use, then those will appear on the far left of the Character section. Similarly, now choose the Memoji or Animoji that you desire to show.

5) However, add any Aftereffect you desire to use next. So there are two spots available with this Watch face: Middle and Bottom. But unluckily, in this combining of the Memoji face, the only aftereffect you will have in the Middle is the date. So if you prefer not, then select Off for that location. Now you are able to choose pretty much anything for the Bottom complication.

6) However, when you will complete, click Add. So the face will place as your recent Watch face immediately. Similarly, it will add to your My Watch > My Faces part where you are able to edit and set it any time.

Set Memoji on Apple Watch

Instruction: If you will use the Memoji app on Apple Watch to make a new Memoji, then you are able to set it as your recent Watch face right away. Now choose the Memoji, scroll to the bottom of the customization screen, and then click Create Watch Face.

Set Memoji on Apple Watch

The Memoji which you have up, you might desire to convert it at the exact point. But you can do that right from your wrist if you are not feeling like grabbing your iPhone.

1) First, press and hold your Watch face and then choose Edit.

2) However, similar to the Watch app on the iPhone, then you have three sections of the Memoji face you are able to set on your Watch. By taking a start the select a different Character if you like by turning the Digital Crown.
3) Move towards the right to turn the Color.
4) Similarly, now you have to swipe once more and then you are able to turn the Complications. So click the one you which you are desiring to convert and then create your edits.
5) Moreover, when you will complete, press your Digital Crown two times, and then your face is customizing.


Well if you have not tried the Memoji face still, then you can view it is easy to set up. Similarly, it is actually a cool face to use if you like something odd or if your child has an Apple Watch and he is desiring to try it. Then don’t forget to click the face every so often for a cute expression. For further explanation follow this Link.

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