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Receiving and Sending MMS Over WiFi – Tutorial

Sending MMS Over WiFi
Written by Kelly Houstan

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service was built just the same as SMS, to permit users to send multimedia content. It was an excellent way to share media with your friends and family until the emergence of such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and many others. Because then, the use of MMS has declined drastically. For the past few years, a lot of users have been complaining of difficulties whenever sending and receiving MMS on their Android devices. It happens majorly because of compatibility issues of this aging service with your up-to-date device. Just read this article to know all about Receiving and Sending MMS Over WiFi – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

In most Android phones, there is also a capability to automatically switch from WiFi to mobile data. Whenever sending or receiving an MMS. The network is switching back to WiFi once then this process is over. However, it is not the case with each mobile phone in the market today.

  • In many cases, the device fails to send or receive messages over WiFi and does not switch to mobile data. It then shows a “Message Download Failed” notification.
  • Plus, there is a possibility that your device does change to mobile data. However, with the time you try to send or receive MMS, you have consumed all your mobile data. In such cases too, you guys will receive the same error.
  • It has been observed that this problem persists mostly in Android devices, and also more so after the “Android 10 update”.
  • We also notice that the issue exists actually on “Samsung” devices.

Receiving and Sending MMS Over WiFi – Tutorial

Well, it is possible to share MMS over WiFi on your phone, if your carrier actually supports it. The good news is that you guys can share MMS over wi-fi, even if your carrier does not support it. You will also learn about it later on, in this guide.

If you are facing issues whenever sending and/or receiving MMS over WiFi on your Android phone. Then we have the solution for it. In this guide, we will explain everything you have to know on how to send or receive MMS via Wi-Fi.

The first thing that you should know is that the MMS service is operated via a cellular connection. Thus, you have three options available to rectify this issue that we are going to explain in detail below.

Use an Alternative Messaging App

The most common and obvious choice to prevent such an error is, to use an alternative messaging app to serve the said purpose. There are a variety of free messaging apps available on the Play Store along with a lot of additional features. Some of these are listed below as well:

a) Via Textra SMS app

Textra is actually an excellent app with simple functions and a beautiful, user-friendly interface. Before we discuss this method further, you have to download and install the Textra app from Google Play Store:

Now onto the next steps:

  • Open the “Textra SMS” app.
  • Head to “Settings” by tapping ‘three-vertical dots’ at the top-right corner of the Home screen.
  • Click on “MMS
  • Then tick (check) the “Prefer wi-fi” option.

Note: It is only for those users whose mobile carriers also support MMS over WiFi. If you are not sure about your mobile carrier policies as well, give this method a try. And if you still face the issue, turn off the option to get back to default MMS settings.

  • If the issue persists, then you can talk to the customer support of your mobile carrier.

b) Via Go SMS Pro

We have used Go SMS Pro in this method to do the task of receiving & sending media over WiFi as well. This app also offers its users a unique method to send media over WiFi i.e., through an SMS. That costs you lesser than an MMS. Hence, this is a famous alternative & highly recommended via users.

The working of the Go SMS Pro is just as follows:

  • It uploads the photo that you guys want to send and saves it to its server.
  • From here, it actually sends an auto-generated link of the image to the recipient.
  • If the recipient uses Go SMS Pro, the image downloads in their inbox just such as regular MMS service.
  • However, in case, the recipient does not have the app; the link opens in the browser along with a download option for the picture.

You can also download the app using this link.

c) Via Other apps

You can choose from a lot of other popular apps available to send and receive text messages, photos, and even videos.  You can install & use Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc on your Android, Windows, iOS devices as well. 

Modify Settings | Sending MMS Over WiFi

If you guys are using the updated version of Android i.e.,  Android 10, the mobile data on your phone will get disabled as soon as you guys connect to a WiFi network. This feature was implemented to save battery life & enhance the performance of your device as well.

To be able to send and receive MMS over Wi-Fi, you have to keep both the connections on, simultaneously. To do so, you have to alter some settings manually as per the steps given:

  • Head to the Developer option on your device.

Note: For each device, the method to enter the Developer mode is different.

  • Now, under the Developer option, then turn on the “Mobile data always active” option.

Sending MMS Over WiFi

  • After you guys make this change, your mobile data will remain active, now until you turn it off manually.

Follow the given steps to check if the settings are acceptable or not:

  • Head to the “Settings” option in Developer mode
  • Now, then move to the “Sim card & mobile data” option.
  • Click on ” Data usage.”
  • Now under this section, find and choose “Dual Channel acceleration.”
  • At last, make sure that the “Dual-channel acceleration” is ‘turn On‘. If not, turn it on to turn on mobile data & Wi-Fi at once.

Note: Make sure that your data pack is active and also has sufficient data balance. Many times, even after turning the mobile data on, users are unable to send or receive MMS, because of insufficient data.

  • Try to send or receive MMS now. If you guys still can’t send MMS over WiFi, then move to the next option.

Use Google Voice

If none of the above methods work for you, then you can opt for Google Voice. It is also a telephonic service offered via Google that gives voicemail, call forwarding, text, and voice messaging options, through giving an alternate number routed to your phone. It is also one of the best, most secure, and permanent solutions out there. Google Voice right now supports SMS only. However, you can get MMS service via other Google services such as Google Hangout.

If you guys are still stuck with the same problem, we suggest that you try to find out your operator policies & also try to find a solution, via contacting their customer support.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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