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Taking Selfie Using Apple Watch & iPhone

Apple watch
Written by Hassan Abbas

The Apple Watch is excellent for watching your heart, controlling your exercises and of course it is a great device for notifications. The important thing you must know is that despite having no camera, you can take selfies using the iPhone camera.  Next, I will show you how to use your Apple Watch to take selfies with the camera’s remote control.

Selfies with Apple Watch

These are the steps to follow to take a selfie using apple watches:


  • Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch.
  • Then place your iPhone to frame the photo using the Watch as a viewfinder.
  • To adjust the exposure, press the focus area of ​​the photo in the preview displayed.
  • Press the button to shoot the camera.

If you want to make a Live Photo, simply press the screen hard and then tap Live.

Control the flash, timer, and HDR on your Apple Watch.

apple watch camera

  • Flash

To deactivate or activate the Flash, open the Camera app on your Apple Watch, press the screen hard and tap Flash, then press Auto  – On or Off.

  • Shutter Timer

Simply open the Camera app on your Apple Watch, and then press the timer button on the bottom right of the screen.

A countdown with beeps, a touch and several flashes of your iPhone, let you know when the photo is going to be taken.

  • HDR

Open the Camera app using your Watch, press the screen hard and touch HDR.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) helps you take fantastic shots in high contrast situations. When taking pictures with HDR enabled, the iPhone takes several photos in rapid succession, with different exposure settings and mixes them all. The resulting photo has more detail in the light and medium tones areas.

The photos are saved in the Photos app on your iPhone, but you can see them on your Apple Watch. You need to click on the thumbnail in the lower left, a photo appears and then slide your finger to the right and left to see the others. Also, by rotating the Digital Crown, you can zoom your images.


If you have the latest iPhone 11, you know that it has a dual camera that promises three things, Wide Angle photos, a bright Night Mode and something that will become fashionable for sure, the selfies. This new featured, coined by Apple, becomes a slow-motion selfie, a slow-motion video from the front camera. Imagine the possibilities.

Group self-portraits, videos and of course more comfortable selfies, all this you can do with your Apple Watch.

Do you really want to buy this? or Have you ever experience with this magnificent apple watch? Share your valueable feedback in the comment section below!

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