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See Your Friends on Apple Music: what they are listening to?

Written by Hassan Abbas

See Your Friends on Apple Music: The best way to introduce new music is by finding out what others are listening to. With Apple Music, you can see what your friends are listening to, on both iOS and Mac, and we’ll show you how.

Create your profile and find friends on Apple Music

Before you start you’ll need to set up your profile and then you can find friends. So, open the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and then follow these steps.

Step 1:

Select the For You tab at the bottom on iOS and the left on Mac.

Step 2:

Then click your profile picture on the top right. If you don’t have a picture, then an icon display.

Step 3:

On iOS, select See What Friends Are Listening To and then click Get Started. On Mac, simply click Get Started on the Music + Friends pop-up.

Step 4:

Confirm your name and username or enter a new one, and add a photo if you like.

Step 5:

Now Click Continue to Find Contacts.

Step 6:

Then you can connect to Facebook. Select a friend to Follow, or Invite someone. Alternatively, you can choose Next and go to the other step.

Step 7:

Select who can follow you from Everyone or People You Approve and then choose Friend Recommendations if you like. Tap or click Next.

Step 8:

You can also select playlists to share (optional). Tap or click Next.

Step 9:

Now select the updates you want to receive, if any, and tap or click Done.

Then enter your profile screen. From there, you can edit your settings, share your profile, or find more friends and enjoy it with them.

You can also see what you’re Apple Music friends are listening to. Simply just opens your profile and tap or click their name and photo at the bottom under the Following.



If you something new and different for your listening enjoyment, see what your friends are listening to you might just join them!

Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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