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Security Camera Wiring – The Most Important Part

security camera wiring
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We live in a world where the importance of staying vigil and also alert is the actual need of the hour. Gone are those days whenever finding a burglar was an uphill task. Along with CCTV cameras lodged in each and every nook and cranny of your city as well. It only makes sense that it is of the best quality and that the folks know how to select the right one. After all, in the name of safety, and there’s a lot at stake and it’s imperative. In order to understand the importance of what goes behind your CCTV installations and their cable types. In this article, we are going to talk about Security Camera Wiring – The Most Important Part. Let’s begin!

What are CCTV cable types? | security camera wiring

Generally, CCTV cable systems come along with a number of tools and components. In order to the layman, it’s rather too confusing. Hence, it’s important to understand the basics such as what a CCTV is and why opting for the right cable matters as well.

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is define just like the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific place. CCTV is using for mostly surveillance purposes bearing crime avoiding, safety, monitoring, and crime-solving in mind. For this purpose, CCTV mostly needs cables that would enhance the quality of video signals. For wired surveillance, there are a lot of other options that help in the transmission of better video signals among other functions. Just take a look at the functions of each and every cable and how they are important for CCTVs.

Security Camera Cable

The security camera cable is basically manufacture in such a way that it should optimize video signal quality as well. CCTV camera cable is compose of two sub cables that will also run simultaneously for transmitting both video and power signals, Video transmitting cable is also called RJ59 Cable. One sub cable is actually the central solid copper conductor core shielded via dielectric material. And then further shielded via copper or also alloy braid that will transmit video signal and another is also power cables. That will transmit power and both two-part is insulated via PVC having a diameter of 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm as well.

Now I would like to explain core means RJ59 cable, which is made up of dense copper with having a diameter of 0.22 to 0.28 mm. this core is really crucial and also play a vital role for CCTV integrator as well. If use a cable that has good quality solid copper that has up to 0.25mm diameter and has more than 30 shielded braids. Then definitely you can transmit video more than 150 meters. However, you should keep in mind that for 150-meter Video transmission you should also transmit power for 150 meters, for this you just need a good quality AWG power cable.

In India, this type of cable is really rare you have you can make it on order. General Cables that come in the Indian market have a 0.22mm diameter core as well. That will transmit more than 90 meters only. As far as security camera cable wire color code is also consider generally yellow wire is actually use for video. The red color power wire is use for positive (+) as well. The black color wire is used for Negative(+) and green is for ground. BNC Connector is connected to the yellow wire and DC connector is connected in order to red and black color.


There is 3 type of security camera cable that as is as follows.

  • 4+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is the composition of two types sub cable that will also run simultaneously one part is four power cables. That will transmit Power and another part is the RJ59 cable that will also transmit video.
  • 3+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is basically the composition of two types sub cable that will also run simultaneously. One part is three power cables that will actually transmit Power and another part is the RJ59 cable that will transmit video as well.
  • 2+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is the composition of two types sub cable that will also run simultaneously one part is two power cables. That will transmit Power and also another part is the RJ59 cable that will transmit video too.

FAQs | security camera wiring

I also have a few questions in reference to the above article.

What is the maximum length for a coaxial cable for CCTV?

Ans. In general, you guys get the length of 300 meters of CCTV Cable without even any joint. However, it will transmit video only more than 100 meters.

What kind of cable is used for CCTV?

Ans.  You guys can use any of three types as mention in the article. As an expert, I also recommend 3+1 CCTV cable as one wire is use just like reserve wire if some natural problem arises then it would be used in future actually. Another reason is few cases of CCTV Camera Setup you have to install audio mic in that it is really useful.

What is the HSN Code of CCTV Camera Cable and import duty?

Ans.  8544-Insulated wire, cable (including co-axial cable), and also other insulated electric conductors, if or not fitted along with connectors;

How can I join cut CCTV Camera Cable or RJ59 Cable or Co-axial Cable?

Ans. It is really simple As you joint electric wire, CCTV camera cable will also joint in the same way. However, you need each and every wire separate, it means core wire and shield. The braid should be separate, however, if you are asking how you can cut and join.

How long can you run BNC Cable?

Ans. You can use BNC cable in CCTV camera cable is more than 100 meters. It actually means that it will transmit video signals more than 100 meters, For up to 100 Meters read the above article as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this “security camera wiring” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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