Screenshots and Game-play of the new Call of Duty exclusive for Android

Call of Duty Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Last August Activision confirmed that it is working with the giant Tencent to develop a new installment of the Call of Duty saga exclusively for mobiles. The person in charge of its development will be Timi, one of his internal studies who has already worked on one of the two adaptations of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for Android. Recently several screenshots and a video with gameplay have been leaked since the testing phase in China started. This is all we know so far.

This new Call of Duty will be a mix of several installments of the saga. In the leaks can be seen known maps of Black Ops as Nuketown, Highrise Modern Warfare 2 or Hijacked and Standoff of the third installment. Not content with that, and according to the data exposed in the interface, it is more than likely that in addition to the traditional game modes we find the inevitable Battle Royale, which, in fact, is included in the recently released Black Ops 4.

This is just one of the first collaborations between both companies, as Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, explained a few weeks ago. Tencent currently owns 12% of the shares in the study, which includes Blizzard assets. In fact, the study currently works on a real-time strategy MMO that seems to be related to the Warcraft universe.

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This is by no means the first title for smartphones set in the Call of Duty saga. Call of Duty: Heroes, released as a freemium title for iOS and Android at the end of 2014, offers a totally different approach to being a real-time strategy game close to that offered in Clash of Clans. In addition, with the latest deliveries for PC and console of the series have launched the usual companion apps.

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