Scientists Have Created a Battery Based on Liquid Metal

Wind Turbines
Written by Hassan Abbas

Very soon the energy of the sun and wind will become cheaper. To do this, came up with a new type of batteries. Just like in Terminator.

Inventors and engineers for many years dream of uniting in single system batteries and sources of renewable energy. Realizing this is not so difficult, but the cost of such a large storage is too high. It will take tens of years to recoup the costs of acquiring such batteries. Fortunately, researchers do not sit idly by and constantly work on useful inventions. At Stanford University, for example, scientists have found a way to make batteries more affordable, in the future, to equip them with wind and solar power stations.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

The invention is based on a battery based on liquid metal. It allows you to store electricity at lower costs and on a large scale. Thanks to a metallic mixture of sodium and potassium, installed in the “negative” side of the storage, scientists are able to get twice the higher voltage. It is very important that the new development allows not resorting to the use of “exotic” chemicals and extreme temperatures. The project developers believe that these key features will in the future greatly reduce the cost of storing energy received from renewable sources.

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However, scientists are still very far from the finished commercial product. To realize a new type of battery it is necessary to use a ceramic membrane that combines aluminum oxide and potassium. It is needed to separate positive materials from negative materials while preserving current. Now there are active tests and adjusting the parameters of the membrane to get the maximum output power. In addition, you need to select the most optimal liquid for the positive battery compartment, which will not weaken the ceramic “layer”. The path from laboratory tests to the working version for sales will be very long. On the other hand, in the foreseeable future, the energy of the sun and wind will be noticeably cheaper, it will be able to replace the now-familiar options.

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