Scientists Found Out what Caused the Warming on the Moon

Moon Warming
Written by Hassan Abbas

Employees of the Texas University of Technology published a new study, which explained the cause of the lunar anomaly in the 1970s. Scientists believe that astronauts who visited the moon caused an increase in temperature on its surface.

A few decades ago, NASA conducted an experiment to monitor heat at the landing sites of Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 between 1971 and 1972. It was found that the temperature in these areas increased by 2 degrees Celsius. All this time, scientists could not solve this riddle.

Moon Warming

Researchers at the Texas University of Technology tracked down several NASA records that were lost with the lunar surface temperature readings three years before that time. In their opinion, the astronauts who made the landing on the Moon left too many traces on the surface from their boots and rover wheels. In these places, the upper layer of the lunar soil shifted, and beneath it was a darker layer, which better absorbs heat from the sun’s rays.

We believe that as a result of the activity of astronauts, the absorption of solar heat by regolith on average a little increased, which led to warming,” the researchers say in their work.

If you look at the images from NASA’s Lunar Orbiter, you can see the dark lines. This is the traces of astronauts and lunar rovers, which even now remain on the surface of the Moon.

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