Scale fantasy RPG Darkness Rises from Nexon is already available on iOS and Android

Darkness Rises
Written by Hassan Abbas

Publisher Nexon finally released the long-awaited RPG Darkness Rises. In this game, you have to go to That Light – in a dark fantasy world filled with demons and other creatures of evil. You will be hordes of exterminating enemies with a single goal – to restore peace.

In Darkness Rises, there is a single mode and the usual multiplayer dungeons for passing along with friends. At the very beginning, you will need to select a character class that will define its features in my: the mighty Berserker, causing incredible damage or skillful Mage. Throughout the passage, you will pump his skills and equip with increasingly powerful weapons.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

The game is free and available on both platforms: Android and iOS. By the way, if you passed the preliminary registration, check your mailbox. There could already send corresponding awards.

Darkness Rises
Price: Free+

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