Sberbank Online has released an update for the iPhone and animated postcards

Sberbank Online podcast
Written by Hassan Abbas

Green Bank continues to experiment with the application: “Recommendations” and improved payment of fines for iOS and cool animations for everyone. Sberbank is actively developing its mobile application. Unique animated Postcards are already available on all platforms, and iPhone owners can appreciate the new, improved Sberbank Online interface.

“Cards” in the application

In February, Sberbank Online earned its own instant messenger; later, the users of Dialogs decided to please their own sticker with the charming SberKot. Earlier it was already possible to send money directly from the dialogue, but now the guys from the Digital Platform division of Sberbank decided to improve the function to the joy of users.

Sberbank Online podcast

Many of us prefer to give money for holidays. However, it is not always possible to hand a beautifully designed envelope and give a solemn speech. A banal SMS about the enrollment of N-thousands from the number 900 is, of course, pleasant, but without a proper entourage, the feeling of a holiday cannot be achieved.

From early October, users of Sberbank Online are waiting for about fifty new cash Postcards. You can attach your own wish and the translation itself to the animated message with voice acting. A variety of options are available, including the favorite childhood heroes from the Soyuzmultfilm gold fund (Winnie the Pooh, Well, Wait!), Fairytale characters, touching animals and even popular performers of the 90s. (Yes, Igor Nikolaev will please your addressee with the classic of the mammography – the hit “Let’s drink to love!”).

At the beginning of the year, we launched the Dialogs service in Sberbank Online. It is quickly gaining popularity: users can already communicate, send unique stickers with SberCot and transfer money to each other right in the chat. Now we give our customers something more – the opportunity to give emotions to their relatives, relatives, friends. To do this, we created unique cash “Postcards”, in which we carefully transferred the images of Russian culture to the digital environment.
Svyatoslav Ostrovsky , Head of the Digital Platform Division of Sberbank

Sberbank Online Update for iPhone

Since early October, Sberbank has released a large-scale update of its mobile app for Apple Apple phones. Now, the program for iOS has appeared glad of significant improvements:

  • First, the entrance to the application has become much faster.
  • A “Recommendations” section appeared on the main screen, where you can find financial advice, personal suggestions, and instructions for working with the application.
  • A new search on the main screen will allow you to quickly and comfortably look for contacts for transfers, organizations for payments, application functions, and banking products.
  • The history of operations has significantly expanded: a full list of actions is now displayed, including cash withdrawals and purchases.
  • Payment of traffic police fines through Sberbank Online has become much more convenient: you can display lists of new and already paid, save data rights and certificates of registration of the vehicle, check photos and place on the map.

Apparently, the iOS platform has already implemented the changes and innovations that the developers wanted to bring to the application. It is not yet known exactly when the global update will “descend” on Android devices, but surely it is worth waiting for after the “running-in” of fresh functionality on the iPhone. In addition, the preparation of the update on numerous modifications of Android always takes much longer.

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