Using Satechi’s Bluetooth Keypad that works on Macs and iOS

Written by Hassan Abbas

Adornment merchant Satechi yesterday discharged another item the Satechi’s Bluetooth Extended Keypad. Much the same as its title proposes, it includes a full number cushion. Strategically located navigational bolts and efficient macOS easy route keys to help raise your profitability.

Satechi’s Bluetooth Keypad Specification

It associates remotely to a host gadget by means of Bluetooth 3.0 and highlights an inherent USB-C port for energizing the inward battery (Satechi guarantees as long as 50 hours between charges). Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad graph

You can keep working remotely while the keypad charges. Yet remember that the extra can’t be utilized while connected straightforwardly to your computer. How about an all-inclusive keypad?

The Bluetooth Extended Keypad works with any Bluetooth gadget that supports consoles, from your

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Windows
  • Linux

and that’s just the beginning. Moreover, On non-Apple working frameworks like Windows. The console may not support all the macOS alternate routes.

This item renews the usefulness of a work area

  • console to tablets
  • PCs

and different gadgets that do not have a devoted numeric cushion. This is particularly significant in the event that you type a ton as this console makes information passage a breeze versus thin consoles without a number cushion.

Key features

Here are the key highlights of the item:

Battery-powered USB-C port:

Moreover,  keep on working remotely while the keypad charges for continuous work process.

macOS alternate route keys:

Moreover,  strategically located navigational bars and macOS easy route keys help improve efficiency.

Thin aluminum profile:

Moreover, the minimal, smooth configuration effectively fits into a sack, ideal for working in the workplace or in a hurry.

  • The new console decoration
  • Moreover,  In the same way as other Satechi items
  • Is produced using aluminum that feels amazing in your grasp
  • Moreover,  with a smooth structure that vows to supplement any advanced arrangement.


Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad with the mouse, iPad, and iPhone pricing and accessibility. Furthermore,  The new Bluetooth Extended Keypad is available today in

  • Silver
  • Space Gray

for $45 on and Amazon. Moreover, the console is available with a 1-year producer guarantee.

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