Samsung’s Folding Smartphone will Cost as Two Top Flagships

Samsung's Folding Smartphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

The concept of a folding smartphone has recently been considered by many leading manufacturers. But according to numerous rumors, Samsung is the closest thing to implementing this idea. We have repeatedly seen a variety of concepts, sketches, patents and other leaks on such a gadget, which is often called the Galaxy X. And the company itself from time to time intrigues with loud statements, promising to release the finished product in the next year. This is confirmed by industry sources, which even lead to its approximate cost.

According to a source related to the process of creating a bent Samsung smartphone, the device will not just be expensive, but very expensive. The approximate cost of the device will be $1,850, and its production will begin at the end of November this year, as soon as all the necessary components are ready.

Samsung's Folding Smartphone

Samsung’s Folding Smartphone

Presentation of the first folding smartphone Samsung is scheduled for February 2019, most likely it will happen at the exhibition Mobile World Congress. It is also reported that the company may delay its launch, but in the end, everything will depend on how they perceive the novelty at a closed event – before showing the folding smartphone to a wide audience, Samsung will most likely show it to its partners and operators at CES 2019 in January.

It is expected that for such a price, the Galaxy X will go on sale in a limited edition, approximately 300 to 500 thousand copies.

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