Samsung will Release a Wireless Charger, that can Charge Two Smartphones

Samsung Wirelss Charger
Written by Hassan Abbas

Theoretically, the Wireless Charger Duo can not only charge Samsung gadgets. The novelty will preliminarily cost $75.

Simultaneously with the announcement of Galaxy Note 9, Samsung intends to introduce a new wireless charger. Last month, the accessory was certified in the FCC database, and the other day an image of the box with the device appeared on the Internet.

Samsung Wirelss Charger

Samsung Wirelss Charger

According to the specifications of the FCC, the new charging has higher input power, so it exceeds all existing analogues. However, such a solution, apparently, is provided for the rapid charging of two smartphones or a smartphone and a smart clock simultaneously.

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Judging by the picture of the box, the charger is called the Wireless Charger Duo. It has two separate areas where gadgets are placed – one horizontally, the other vertically. Both are compatible with the Qi fast charging standard. Interestingly, the charging mat AirPower, which Apple announced last year, but still can not release, can theoretically charge three devices at the same time.

While there is no information on the cost of Wireless Charger Duo. We can assume that the price of the charger will be at least $75, given that the current wireless charger Fast Charge Samsung now sells for $60.

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