Samsung: the light strips along the edges of the display Galaxy Note 9 is not a defect

Galaxy Note 9
Written by Hassan Abbas

The design of the displays with folded edges proved to be imperfect. The appearance of light strips along the edges of the screens is normal. At the end of August, users of the Android Police portal (and after them other owners of Samsung smartphones with curved display edges) noticed that on the left edge of the Galaxy Note 9 screen a light strip is visible.

Many have suggested that this is manifested only in defective parties of the new flagship. However, representatives of the South Korean corporation contacted the editors of our website and assured that the appearance of a light line along the edges of the display is not a defect at all.

Galaxy Note 9

In the official statement of the manufacturer, the following is stated (the citation is written without changes):

“All Samsung smartphones undergo a thorough quality control and meet high world standards. The appearance of light between the edge of the device and the metal body is not a defect in the devices of the Galaxy line. Due to the design features of the display module on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the light may spread or reflect off the edges of the glass when you use the device, for example, in rooms with insufficient light. This feature does not affect the performance of the smartphone and its functionality. “

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Proceeding from numerous comments of Samsung device owners, the “problem” of light strips along the edges of bent displays touched not only the fresh flagship but also other devices: Galaxy S9, Note 8 and even S6 Edge – apparently the appearance of white lumens due to the design of smartphones.

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