Samsung is Preparing a Flexible Smartphone in the Form of a Cot

Samsung folding smartphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

The appearance of the folding Samsung Galaxy X is still a mystery. Recently Samsung has published a patent and added fuel to the fire.

It is expected that in the next year, Samsung will release its first foldable smartphone Galaxy the X. The Korean giant has already received a bunch of patents, which only introduce confusion into our idea of how the revolutionary device will look and work. For example, this time Samsung patented a folding smartphone in the clamshell form-factor.

Samsung folding smartphone

Samsung folding smartphone

In another patent application, Samsung describes a device that at first glance looks like a regular smartphone. In fact, thanks to the flexible display and the folding hinged structure, it can be bent inward, like a clamshell that was popular in its time. The patent states that the smartphone has a special sensor that determines the degree of bending of the screen and, depending on it, disconnects or activates it.

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Sources have not yet agreed on the appearance of the Samsung folding smartphone. Some claim that it will be made in the form of a clamshell, as in this patent, while others talk about design in the format of a book when in the unfolded form the smartphone will turn into a tablet.

To create a folding smartphone Samsung started a few years ago, and now the work on it is nearing completion. The production will start in November 2018, and the launch is expected in January-February 2019. Samsung Galaxy X will be released in limited edition and available in several selected markets. Its cost is about $1,850, that is, it will cost as two usual flagship Samsung.

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