Samsung is going to manufacture its smartphones in Xiaomi factories

Written by Hassan Abbas

It is assumed that the South Korean corporation wants to reduce its gadgets and increase competition in the Chinese market.

A representative of Samsung Corporation visited the Chinese company Wintech (at the factories of which Xiaomi devices are assembled) with a view to concluding a deal on the future production of branded smartphones in the Middle Kingdom. This was reported by the South Korean edition of The Korea Herald with reference to local sources.


According to Asian journalists, Samsung plans to produce smartphones at the budget and mid-price segments of the Galaxy J and Galaxy A series at Wintech plants, respectively. The release of flagship models in the face of representatives of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines will continue to deal with time-tested factories.

Probably, the Korean corporation wants to transfer part of the production to China in order to reduce the cost of its smartphones and thereby better compete with manufacturers from China in their market. However, these are just guesses – it is possible that the company simply wants to reduce its costs (leaving the former cost of devices).

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On what terms Samsung intends to negotiate with Wintech – is unknown. It can hardly be expected that the Chinese production will negatively affect the quality of the smartphone assembly, as representatives of the Korean corporation will monitor the work of the plant employees. At least, the Xiaomi devices manufactured at Wintech factories are assembled quite qualitatively – this is noted by many reviewers and users.

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