Samsung is also preparing a gaming smartphone

Samsung Galaxy
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apparently, the release of a smartphone specifically for mobile gamers is an excellent marketing move, past which Samsung cannot pass. If you believe the latest rumors from the network, Samsung is also interested in the release of a gaming smartphone on Android. Apparently, this device has already passed the development stage – it remains only to release. It is expected that Samsung will officially talk about its upcoming smartphone for gamers in the late fall – apparently, the release will take place closer to the New Year or early 2019.

Unfortunately, the network does not have information about the technical characteristics of the gaming device on Android from Samsung. However, on this topic, you can safely speculate. It is clear that the gaming smartphone will receive an advanced processor – either the existing flagship Snapdragon 845 (or the company’s counterpart from the Exynos series), or it’s not yet announced successor (it is possible that Qualcomm will debut at the presentation of the gaming mobile device from Samsung).

Samsung Galaxy

Also, the smartphone will certainly get an advanced cooling system, thanks to which the productive chipset will be able to reach its full potential (without overheating). In fact, only the presence of an advanced heat removal system distinguishes Android gaming devices from simply flagship in terms of performance. Probably, the novelty will get a fairly large screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

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Most likely, the South Korean corporation will launch branded accessories (or make a deal with another company for their production) in the form of modules connected to a smartphone with a joystick and a D-pad. Surely externally, the device will be little to stand out – LED backlighting of the logo (as in the ASUS ROG Phone ) should not wait.

All of the above should be skeptical, because the information about the upcoming announcement of the Samsung gaming smartphone is just a rumor, and the data on its features are only the guesses of the author of this topic

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