Samsung Introduced a Miniature SSD for as Much as 8TB

Samsung Miniature SSD
Written by Hassan Abbas

Samsung has released a solid-state drive of type NVMe of 8 TB, designed for servers. This did not become something unexpected, as the South Korean giant told details about it during the spring exhibition Open Compute Project 2018.

This SSD is released in a new form factor called the Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF or NF1), which has not yet passed standardization of JEDEC (it will be held in October 2018). The solid-state drive has a fairly compact size: 11 × 3.05 cm. For comparison, in modules of type M.2 of size 11 × 2.2 cm, you can place no more than 4 TB of memory.

Samsung Miniature SSD

Samsung Miniature SSD

The new drive from Samsung is equipped with 16 512-GB memory modules, each of which consists of 16 layers of 256-gigabit 3D VNAND (3 bits per cell). According to official announcements of the company, up to 72 such SSDs can be installed in 2U servers (total capacity is 576 TB). Under the warranty, this drive can be completely rewritten up to 1.3 times a day for three years.

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The speed of reading and writing in the novelty is 3 100 and 2000 MB/s, respectively. Performance: up to 500,000 (read) and 50,000 (write) IOPS. The SSD module includes 12 GB of LPDDR4 memory. The controller installed in the solid state drive supports PCIe 4.0.

Source: Samsung

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