Samsung has patented a full-screen fingerprint scanner

full-screen fingerprint scanner
Written by Hassan Abbas

The technology will scan a fingerprint across the screen. There will even be a separate processor for this. Samsung AMOLED Forum held a conference in China last week, where Samsung unveiled display technologies for smartphones scheduled for 2019. Among them – a fingerprint scanner, front camera, sensors, and even the earpiece built into the screen. Coincidence or not, but on the same day, October 18, the technology giant received patent approval for an advanced fingerprint screen scanner technology that, in effect, turns the entire display into one large fingerprint scanner.

According to the published document, the entire screen area can be used for biometric identification via a fingerprint using a sensor embedded in the panel. In this solution, there are a number of obvious advantages – for example, you do not need to touch a certain area on the screen, and when making a payment, when you need to avoid accidental clicks, the scanner will only work in a special window. Fast and stable operation of the technology, including with dirty fingers, will provide a separate low-performance processor designed to control only the fingerprint scanner.

full-screen fingerprint scanner

Samsung applied for a patent for a full-screen fingerprint scanner in April 2018 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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It is expected that the new sensor will appear for the first time in the next flagship of the manufacturer – the anniversary Galaxy S10. Currently, this is not confirmed, but the smartphone promises to be a breakthrough in terms of innovation.

Via: Techspot

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