Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can get an incredible Graphene battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new graphene-based rechargeable battery provides Samsung Galaxy Note 9 successor with record-breaking charging. In November 2017, Samsung patented a graphene-based battery. The new technology, which allows increasing the capacity of batteries by 45% compared to existing lithium-ion batteries, will be implemented in 2019. At least, says a source close to Samsung.

According to the source, Samsung will apply the new technology from next year. The first smartphone with a graphene battery can be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. His announcement is expected in late August or early September 2019, that is, one year after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The new technology will not only increase the capacity of batteries but also speed up the charging process. The graphene battery will charge about 5 times faster than current solutions. Now, most modern lithium-ion batteries require at least an hour to fully charge, and charging a graphene battery from 0 to 100% takes only 12 minutes.

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As the production of graphene-based batteries increases, they may turn out to be cheaper than lithium-ion analogs. In addition, they are more environmentally friendly and not prone to spontaneous ignition, which means that the likelihood of repeating the history of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is completely excluded.

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