Samsung Can Work on its Own GPU for Budget Smartphones

Samsung Smartphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Despite the fact that Samsung, like many other manufacturers of flagships, uses Qualcomm chips in its smartphones, international versions of devices often meet Exynos from Samsung itself. It is likely that in the future the company plans to “become even more independent” by creating its own graphics processors.

First and foremost, the South Korean giant needs the new GPU for cheaper smartphones, probably to cut costs. They can be used on the Internet of things and self-controlled cars. Over time, it is possible and the emergence of chips in the flagships of Samsung.

Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Smartphone

A similar assumption was made after the appearance of the relevant vacancy on the manufacturer’s website. There are no specific dates, but the emergence of new technologies can be expected within 2-3 years. The process can be accelerated after Huawei’s steps, which not only develop their hardware solutions but also come up with original software improvements for them, like the recent GPU Turbo.

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