Samsung Announces the First Memory Modules LPDDR5 DRAM for Smartphones

Written by Hassan Abbas

New chips are 1.5 times faster and 30% more energy efficient than LPDDR4X. And this means that smartphones will work longer,

In 2014, Samsung Electronics was the first in the industry to begin mass production of 8-gigabit LPDDR4 memory chips for mobile devices. Now the company is preparing a new breakthrough – 8-gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM-modules, optimized for 5G networks and artificial intelligence systems.



The new memory is 1.5 times faster than the one used in the latest flagship smartphones. LPDDR5 DRAM offers a transfer rate of up to 6400 Mbit/s, while LPDDR4X DRAM is 4266 Mbit/s. Bandwidth is 51.2 GB per second. This is approximately 14 video files in FullHD format.

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The company notes that this performance was achieved due to various architectural changes. Samsung engineers doubled the number of memory banks in each cell from 8 to 16, thereby increasing speed and improving energy efficiency. LPDDR5 DRAM also uses an advanced and speed-optimized circuit that checks and guarantees the super-high-performance of the chip.

To save energy, the memory module synchronizes its work with the processor, so it reduces the voltage when necessary. In addition, the chips have a deep sleep mode, which is much more efficient than the standby mode in LPDDR4X. All this allows the RAM to consume energy by 30% less, and smartphones, respectively, work longer.



10-nanometer LPDDR5 DRAM modules will be available in two versions: 6400 Mbit / s with a working voltage of 1.1 V and 5500 Mbit / s with a working voltage of 1.05 V. At the moment Samsung Electronics has already completed testing the first samples of new memory and is ready in the near future to start its production.

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