Samsung Announces Partnership with Spotify

Samsung Spotify
Written by Hassan Abbas

Samsung announces a partnership with Spotify at NYC Unpacked event and will present a new music experience to the user.

Introducing Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy home’s NYC Unpacked products, Samsung also invited Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to talk about the partnership between Saona and other companies. Samsung says it has entered into a partnership with Spotify to offer consumers better quality music in the new partnership. Well, what does it mean?

Samsung Spotify

Daniel Ek, who made the announcement on the blog site after a while, explained that it is a new agreement and that new experiences for users will be presented.

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Users have been eagerly awaiting what they will have to do with Samsung and Spotify as a result of the partnership. For example, after receiving a phone Samsung Smart People can easily access the applications contained in Switch and Spotify however, Samsung Smart TV users smart things be able to provide access to the Spofity in practice.

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