Rustic mode Cuisine Royale from Enlisted became a stand-alone game

Cuisine Royale
Written by Hassan Abbas

A couple of months ago, on the eve of the First of April, the developers of Darkflow Software cautiously stepped into the territory of not serious royal battles like Fortnite and introduced Cuisine Royale – fun for the shooter Enlisted. Hardly the authors placed special hopes on the regime, but users liked it so much that Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow decided to release comedy entertainment as a separate game.

An independent version of Cuisine Royale can be downloaded from its official website. Also, the game is available for download on Steam. The official press release states that the gunman will be free only “first time”, so do not yawn!

Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale

In Cuisine Royale players are on the map in their underpants. To come to victory, it is advisable to obtain firearms and assemble armor from the colander, waffle iron, and pots.

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Fully in the shooter and other valuable items. So, a cigar doubles the health reserve, glasses raise accuracy, and slippers with hare ears allow you to jump further. A variety of food is responsible for the restoration of hit points – hot dogs, smoked ducks and so on.

Supplies are scattered around the location, not only individually, but also whole sets – in lutboks. In Cuisine Royalethe main trend of last year was embodied in the image of refrigerators. Fortunately, here lutboksy honest and democratic – they are many, they are not asked for money and their content is known in advance. Refrigerators vary in their rarity: in white, the equipment is simpler, and in gilded – the most refined dishes and the best things.

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