The Best RSS Readers For iPhone & iPad

Written by Hassan Abbas

The best RSS Reader: There are many news apps for iOS to choose from on the App Store. But if you want a highpoint of sources along with the ability to add a specific feed URL, then check out an RSS reader.

With these RSS readers for iPad and iPhone, you can choose categories, sources, or add your own. They give you the news you want and care about all in one spot.

iPhone & iPad RSS Readers:

  • Feedly
  • Newsify
  • Unread
  • Reeder 4


Feedly is an awful RSS reader with its mobile apps and website. Create a free account, add the feeds you want, and then sit back and browse, read, or save for later.


Feedly notable features:

  • Add feeds by category or industry like technology, science, politics, business and more. Each category is full of sources, so you can just click to add.
  • You can save articles to read later when you have more time.
  • Set up integrations with services like Evernote, Pocket, or Instapaper and more with a subscription.
  • Enter a URL for a custom feed.
  • Customize settings for scrolling, theme, view, and sorting.

If you want an RSS reader with easy settings, amazing features, and tons of sources, Feedly is the app for you.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Firefox extension, Android and the web
  • CostFree with in-app subscription options that provide additional service integrations, an article search feature, and more


Newsify is another good RSS reader for your device. You can sign in with a Feedly account or create a new one. You just add the feeds, adjust the view if you like, and that’s it.


Newsify notable features:

  • Browse feeds by category like news, finance, gadgets, gaming, entertainment, or search for an address.
  • Rename or add a feed to a folder to keep things organized.
  • Mark items as read, view all items or switch views with a tap.
  • Star articles that you want to read again, share, or check out later.
  • Adjust settings for the sync timing, sorting, font size, night mode, landscape view, and more.

With Newsify, you can easily see which articles you’ve read for the day, explore many other topics or sources, and view your news quickly.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and the web
  • CostFree with in-app purchases to remove the ads and subscriptions for more images, full-text search, and unlimited desktop access


Unread lets you complete your other RSS accounts into one. Add Feedly, NewsBlur or Feedbin another account and then access all of your feeds in one place.


Unread notable features:

  • Check out your folders, feeds and saved items from all of your readers organized nice and neat.
  • Use simple swipes to refresh, save, share, or mark as unread.
  • Choose from several themes in both light and dark mode for easier viewing.
  • Adjust settings for marking as read, hiding read items, an app icon badge, syncing, font size and more.

If you use a few different RSS readers for various reasons, Unread pulls them together for you in one spot.

  • Availability: It is available for iPad and iPhone
  • CostFree with an in-app purchase for unlimited reading

Reeder 4

Reeder 4 is another RSS reader similar to Unread. This app works with your accounts from Feedly, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler, Pocket, and others.


Reeder 4 notable features:

  • Save articles for later use that sync with iCloud.
  • Using a search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Checking image previews in the list of articles.
  • Choose from layout options, automatic reader view, and Bionic Reading mode.

If you don’t mind paying a few bucks for a good RSS reader, especially one that connects your other accounts, then take Reeder for a spin.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Cost$4.99


If you’re in the market and search for a new RSS reader, then these three get the job done. They’ve different features and options that make them stand out.

Which one did you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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