‘Rick and Morty’ will be back with 70 New Episodes

Rick and Morty
Written by Hassan Abbas

Yes, they are reading well. After much confusion and rumors, one of the most important animated series of recent years confirms his return. ‘Rick and Morty’ will have nothing and nothing less than seventy new episodes! That is, forget the details of the seasons, this is great and the world is going crazy.

Adult Swim, the television network focused on adult content, confirmed that it is ordering 70 new episodes of ‘Rick and Morty’ to its creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who also confirmed the news through a funny video with both of them in the shower.

Rick and Morty


In fact, Roland also mentioned it on Twitter, where it not only confirmed the return of the beloved series but also launched a dart to all non-fans to bombard him with questions about why the return? This as an allusion to the harsh harassment that has suffered in recent months by fans, who spend it asking when will return ‘Rick and Morty’? Come on, even Elon Musk was one of those unbearable fans.

‘Rick and Morty’ has become the animated series for adults with better ratings within Adult Swim, and more after the third season, which was a success in the world. For the above it was more than obvious that I would return sooner or later, however, the wait was long, very long.

This delay of ‘Rick and Morty’ was due to problems in the negotiations with the chain, it is enough to remember that Harmon himself confirmed that the fourth season had not been renewed and the program was in limbo after not having reached an agreement. Fortunately, it seems that everything has been resolved and we will have more adventures of Rick and Morty from here to little more than 2020.

Of course, it is not yet confirmed when we will see these new episodes and how they will be divided. Meanwhile, Adult Swim is preparing a tour in the United States with a giant Rickmobile, which will end at San Diego’s Comic-Con in July, where the release date of the new episodes will most likely be announced.

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