Review On The New Free Tab on Amazon Fire TV

new Free tab in Amazon Fire TV
Written by Hassan Abbas

Did you know the new Free Tab on Amazon Fire TV? Amazon’s ‘Fire TV stick’ has been the best choice for cable users. In an attempt to gain more users, Amazon added or included a new tab called ‘Free’ to provide you all their free material for examining. The feature reaches a critical time where users need entertainment, and live cable just can’t keep up.

However, Fire TV also provide some content free of charge, but it was a mixture within the various providers’ pages. The only method to find free content was to manually transfer through all the content providers until you happened upon something free.

Where is the Free tab?

This amazing new ‘Free’ tab can also be accessed right from the home page.

However, it makes it easily accessible to the latest and old users alike. The new tab also added to the top panel b/w ‘Your videos’ and ‘Movies’ tabs. Just launch the Fire TV app and can easily be able to view the ‘Free’ tab.

The Free tab content is, well, free but it supports ads. So, besides some Ads, while watching TV shows and movies under this tab.

Why can’t I find the Free tab?

Many users have reported that the Free tab is missing from their account. If you don’t have the ‘Free’ tab in the top panel, it is due to Amazon is still rolling out this update. However, the updates are also available to US users first.

How to force get the Free tab?

Well, you can’t get the Free Tab normally. However, slowly the feature is being rolled out to all the users. We recommend you to wait for it.

Although, if you force on it, here’s a common method that could work. Simply reset your Fire TV to factory settings and then again set it up. This might get you the Free tab right away but there is no surety.

What do you get in the Free tab?

The latest Free tab also filled with content that has been made freely accessible by different providers. It includes lots of TV shows, free movies, and much more. Amazon also suggests that free content will be refreshed from time to time to add more titles.

The free content is broken down by category. Also, it includes a ‘Recommended’ tab that curates free content based on your viewing activity.

Also, the free tab lists free applications such as Tubi, IMDb TV, Crackle, Pluto TV, and much more. Being an Amazon product, Amazon Prime members also access to their Prime Video selection from the latest Free tab.

This latest addition to the Amazon Fire TV app is going to make it simpler or easier to find free content. As mentioned earlier, the update is only available to US users, but we must view it rolling out to the rest of us soon.


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