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Review On Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome On Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome
Written by Hassan Abbas

Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome On Mac: For a Google Chrome user or want to use it in addition to Safari, you want a list of keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

Simply navigate the window and tabs. Then take proper action in the address bar and check your bookmarks and history using a few key hits.

The Chrome window and tabs

Initially, the shortcuts list for the Google Chrome window and its tabs can help you to move around easy and fast.

Chrome window

  • Open a new window: Command + N
  • Enter/Exit full screen mode: Command + Control + F
  • Open a new incognito window: Command + Shift + N
  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Hide the window: Command + H
  • Close a window: Command + Shift + W
  • Quit/Close Chrome: Command + Q

Chrome tabs

  • Open a new tab and move to it: Command + T
  • Choose a tab 1 through 8: Command + 1, Command + 2, Command + 3, etc. up to 8
  • Choose the last tab: Command + 9
  • Reopen earlier closed tabs in the order you closed them: Command + Shift + T
  • Open the earlier page in your history in the current tab: Command + [ (left bracket) or Left Arrow
  • Open the other page in your history in the current tab: Command + ] (right bracket) or Right Arrow
  • Move to the other open tab: Command + Option + Right Arrow
  • Move to the earlier open tab: Command + Option + Left Arrow
  • Quit a tab: Command + W

Page navigation

Simply load the page, move up and down, and zoom in or out uisng these shortcuts.

  • Reload and ignore cache: Command + Shift + R
  • Zoom in: Command + Plus Sign
  • Zoom out: Command + Hyphen
  • Reset zoom: Command + 0 (zero)
  • Move down a screen: Space Bar
  • Move up a screen: Shift + Space Bar
  • Save the page: Command + S
  • Save the page as a bookmark: Command + D
  • Print the page: Command + P
  • Save open tabs in a new bookmarks folder: Command + Shift + D

Chrome address bar

Here are many keyboard shortcuts to help you use the address bar in Chrome.

  • Move to the address bar: Command + L
  • Scroll your pointer to the address bar: Control + F5
  • Search/Find with your default search engine: Type a term + Return
  • Search with a various search engine: Type a search engine + Tab
  • Open a website in a background tab: Type a web address + Return
  • Finish www and .com in the address bar for the current tab: Control + Return
  • Complete www and .com in the address bar for a new tab: Control + Shift + Return

History, Bookmarks, and Tools

View your bookmarks, review or clear your history, and open your settings with these shortcuts.

  • Display/Hide the Bookmarks toolbar: Command + Shift + B


  • Bookmarks Manager: Command + Option + B
  • History page: Command + Y
  • Settings page: Command + , (comma)
  • Download page: Command + Shift + J
  • Developer Tools: Command + Option + J
  • Clear Data options: Command + Shift + Delete


Here’s all about the “Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome On Mac”. Thankfully, the list of keyboard shortcuts for Chrome on Mac will have you fulfilling your browser tasks quite simpler. Many work the same for Linux or Windows, using some slight differences. So if you use Chrome on various PCs, look out Chrome’s keyboard shortcut list for those platforms too.

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