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Users guide on How to reverse a video clip on MAC in iMovie

Written by Hassan Abbas

You mustn’t be a Hollywood producer to make movies. So in case you’ve been following our iMovie tutorials and growing some extremely good films, right here’s any other beneficial characteristic to attempt out. Now we need to find a way on how to reverse a video clip on iMovie on Mac.

You can opposite a video clip in iMovie to your Mac to have it play backward. This nifty trick can supply your film a touch kick and it’s so simple to do; here’s how.

Reverse a video clip in iMovie on Mac

Open iMovie for your Mac for your project for editing. Then comply with these steps to play a clip in the opposite.

1) Select the video clip for your film Timeline.
2) Click the Speed button above the Viewer.

3) Check the container for Reverse.

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Reverse a couple of video clips

If you would like to have numerous clips play on the opposite, you oughtn’t to pick out them personally to make this alteration.

  • To select all videos right now, click on Edit > Select All from the menu bar.
  • Now To choose a variety of adjoining movies, click the primary one in the Timeline, keep your Shift key, and click on the final clip in the range.

  • To choose a couple of non-adjoining videos, click the primary one, maintain your Command key, and keep clicking the rest of the clips.

Using any of the methods above to choose multiple clips, you can then comply with the set of instructions at the beginning to mark the Reverse checkbox. All of the clips you select will then play backward.


Playing a video clip in opposite can upload a virtually interesting effect on your film. And even as you cannot presently do that on iOS, it’s excellent smooth to do in iMovie in your Mac. So by this method one can easily reverse a video without any problem.


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