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Guide on How to reverse a track in GarageBand on Mac and iOS

Written by Hassan Abbas

When you’re developing or editing a song in GarageBand on Mac, you may need to feature something precise to it by way of reversing a song. Playing a tune backward can come up with an uncommon sound that you might not be able to mirror another way.

Here’s the way to opposite a track (or place) in GarageBand on Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


Apple’s famous GarageBand app turns 15Jan 06. 2019 GarageBand, Apple’s smooth-to-use tune-making app for Mac and iOS, grew to become 15 on Sunday.

The app, at the start introduced onstage at Macworld ’04 by Steve Jobs and John Mayer, has grown to be the most broadly used music app in the global – and is now on a billion iPhones, iPads and Macs globally.Apple created the app to help “democratise tune-making” for each person, and given that its launch the app has completed simply that – assisting novices and expert musicians alike deliver their ardour for tune-making to lifestyles.

Reverse a track in GarageBand on Mac

Follow these easy steps to opposite a song in GarageBand in your Mac.

1) Open the editors at the bottom by clicking the Editors button (scissors icon) at the pinnacle left of the GarageBand window.

2) Select the location that you need to play in reverse.

GarageBand on Mac

3) In the Editor that displays on the lowest left, select Region and test the container for Reverse Playback.

Reverse Track GarageBand MacReverse a piece of music in GarageBand on iOS

Open GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad to the music you need to edit after which do the following to opposite a tune.

1) Tap the track to pick it after which faucet it over again to open the shortcut menu.

2) Select Settings.

3) Towards the lowest, permit the toggle for Reverse.

GarageBand on Mac

4) Tap Done.


When you’re growing songs in GarageBand, gambling music backward can carry something uncommon on your track. And it could be the precise addition you’re seeking out to make your track stand out.

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