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Fix Retrieving Data Wait A Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again

Retrieving Data
Written by Kelly Houstan

If you guys are a 9-5, white-collar professional, then chances are that you open one of Microsoft’s several Office applications multiple times a day. Probably even start as well as end your days on one of them. Out of all Office applications, Excel actually gets the most action, and rightfully so. However, the internet is flooded with spreadsheet programs, nothing really compares to Excel. To further dominate the market, Microsoft also has web versions as well as mobile applications of its three most used programs. That is (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) allowing remote access to files, real-time co-authoring, autosaving, as well. Just read this article to know all about Fix Retrieving Data Wait A Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again. Let’s begin!

The lightweight web versions however actually lack a number of advanced features and thus, users mostly revert back to the desktop applications. Whenever pasting data from the Excel web app to another application or also even the Excel desktop client. Users actually seem to be encountering an error that basically reads ‘Retrieving Data. You have to wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. At first glance, it may also seem just like Excel is simply processing the pasted information and the data will then appear soon. The ‘Retrieving data’ in the error message also implies the same as well. Although, waiting will do you guys no good and the cell will also continue displaying the error message rather than the data.

The said copy-pasting error from Excel web to Excel desktop application actually has been annoying users for many years. Microsoft has however failed to give a permanent fix for it. A lack of an official solution also has forced the users in order to find their own unique ways around the error. Below are all the fixes known in order to resolve the ‘Retrieving Data. Just wait a Few Seconds and then try to Cut or Copy Again’ error.

Fix Retrieving Data Wait A Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again

First of all, do not worry if you guys get the ‘Retrieving Data. Just wait a Few Seconds and Try to Cut or Copy Again’ error. Since this is not a major error and will take you only a few seconds to solve now. The error results if you guys attempt to copy data before even the online version of the excel file has also finished syncing. The three fixes that users actually have been employing are basically deselecting and then copy-pasting the content again. And downloading an offline copy of the spreadsheet. And then opening it in the desktop Excel application, as well as using a different third-party browser altogether.

Download the Excel file and open it in the Desktop app

Since the error is only encountered whenever copying or cutting data from Excel web. Then users can download an offline copy of the sheet and also open it in the Excel desktop app. You guys should face no trouble in copy-pasting data from the desktop client as well.

  • You can just open the Excel file you guys are having trouble copying data from in the Excel web app.
  • Tap on File present at the top-left.
  • Then tap on Save As and from the options that follow, choose Download a Copy.

Retrieving Data

Now open the downloaded file in the Excel desktop client and then just copy-paste data from there. If you guys do not have the desktop program, then you can also use the mobile applications available on Android and iOS.

Deselect, Wait…Copy again and paste | Retrieving Data

Performing the actions that error messages basically instruct rarely get the job done. Although, that is not really the case with this specific error. Excel asks you to wait for a few seconds and then just copy the data again. That is exactly what you guys should really do.

So, go ahead and just deselect everything, have a glass of water, or then scroll through your Instagram feed. Tap on Ctrl + C in order to copy and paste it via Ctrl + V in the application you want. You may also have to repeat this a couple of times before you guys are actually successful in copying the data. Anyway, this is just a temporary solution, you can check out the other methods for a permanent fix as well.

Try a different browser

The ‘Retrieving Data…’ error is most of the time encountered whenever using Excel web on either Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge. Users also have therefore been able to get around the issue with using a different web browser. The error is actually less prevalent in Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox so you guys can try to use one of them.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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