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Guide on How to Restrict a user in the Instagram app

Written by Hassan Abbas

Instagram is rolling out a new characteristic a good way to will let you Restrict (shadow-ban) another Instagram user. The characteristic comes with the purpose to reduce the bullying this is apparently a huge problem, particularly among younger users. Instagram found that many humans are reluctant to dam or file others who are being offensive.

If you’ve only up to date the Instagram app on iOS and want to use this new characteristic, we’ll show you a way to Restrict a person inside the Instagram app.

Restricting a consumer on Instagram

Here’s a summary of what the function does together with exceptional ways you could allow it.

  • What does the Restrict function do?
  • Restrict a consumer on your settings
  • How to Restrict a consumer with their profile
  • Restrict a user with an instantaneous message
  • Restrict a consumer with their remark

What does the Restrict function do?

According to Instagram, in case you Restrict another person, it’s going to:

  • Keep that person from seeing while you’re online or examine their messages.
  • Make their remarks on your posts are handiest seen to them except you faucet
  • Comments to read it or Approves it for all to examine.
  • Eliminate notifications when you receive future feedback from that person.
  • Move their direct message to you to Message Request.

The wish is that after you Restrict some other person, you may feel more secure and now not ought to feel bullied while you operate Instagram.

Restricts is designed to empower you to quietly defend your account whilst still keeping a watch on a bully.

Restrict a user for your settings

An easy manner to Restrict one or greater users is on your Instagram Settings. Open the app and observe these step.

1) Tap the Profiles button at the bottom and then the Menu button on the top right.

2) Select Settings after which Privacy.

3) Under Connections, faucet Restricted Accounts.

Restrict a user in the Instagram

4) If you notice a summary of the Restrict function, test it out and then tap Continue.

5) Use the Search container to discover the user, then choose them and faucet Restrict.

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How to Restrict User Search Instagram Restrict user with their profile

Other way to Restrict a user is to go to their profile after which do the subsequent.

1) Tap the More (three-dot icon) button at the top proper of the user’s profile.

2) Select Restrict.

3) When you spot the precis for the characteristic, faucet Restrict Account.

Restrict a user in the Instagram

Restrict a user with a direct message

If you have an immediate message from a consumer you want to Restrict, you may do it there as nicely.

1) Select the messages and tap the Information (small letter “i”) button.

2) Choose Restrict after which Restrict Account.

Restrict a user with their comment

One greater manner to Restrict a person is to take action on considered one of their remarks to your publish.

1) Swipe left on their remark and tap the Information button.

2) Tap Restrict after which Restrict Account.


If you sense such as you’re being bullied or offended when the usage of Instagram, that is the function you need to apply. No one has to sense intimidated while the use of a social app like Instagram to hook up with friends.

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