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How to Fix We Restrict Certain Activity Error in Instagram

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Instagram has been updating the app along with new features since the 2020 pandemic began. First, we got Reels and then we got the ability in order to embed Tweets directly in your story. It actually seems that Facebook is hard at work in order to make the most out of Instagram’s current popularity. Just read this article to know all about How to Fix We Restrict Certain Activity Error in Instagram. Let’s begin!

The company has also improved its privacy policy and user protection guidelines and protocols as well. But, this recent change seems to have negatively impacted a lot of users who actually seem to be getting the “We restrict certain activity” error message for no reason actually. So what actually is this error message? And should you be receiving it? Let’s now find out!

What is the “We restrict certain activity” error?

This is actually a spam-based error shown in order to shadowbanned accounts that have been identified as spam. In case you guys have been using a lot of bots, third-party apps or your Instagram activity has been unusually high. Then it is likely that you have been marked as spam actually. In these kinds of cases, you will be restricted from doing certain things on Instagram. Such as contacting certain people, following certain people, liking certain posts, reels, stories, and much more.

Why Instagram Restrict Certain Activity

If you guys get the error “Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions in order to protect our community” each and every time you try to like a post. Then it means that Instagram has blocked you from some activities. You guys may also have an issue along with commenting on other’s posts or following other people, blocking accounts, and sharing posts as well.

In this section, we are going to provide a brief explanation of the different reasons Instagram may block users.

The reason for this error showing is mainly in order to stop spammers’ and bots’ activities on Instagram. So if you get this message, then it is probably as Instagram recognized your activities as spam. Firstly, keep in mind that Instagram can easily misinterpret your actions. Such as, you may have liked a lot of posts during a short period of time. Or you may also have followed a lot of people and reached Instagram’s daily limits. As Instagram constantly looks for bot activities, human interactions can also be mistaken with bots. However, there is no need to freak out; in the next section, we will talk about the means and solutions to this problem as well.

How to Fix We Restrict Certain Activity Error in Instagram

As we do not know how severe your current restrictions via Instagram are. You can start through trying all the fixes one by one below. These fixes have helped a lot of users lift restrictions off of their accounts and the most recent fix is listed at the top. We hope you can unrestrict your account via one of the fixes below.

Remove links

This is the latest fix that seems to be working for everybody around the globe. It seems a recent change to Instagram’s moderation algorithm is marking users along with linked profiles and websites in their names. In order to get tagged as ‘Spam’ which in turn restricts their account. If you guys have linked to a webpage, website, or a profile in your Instagram bio as well. Then it is likely the reason for Instagram’s restrictions on your account actually.

We recommend you to edit your bio through going into Instagram > Profile > Edit Profile > Bio. Now sign out of your account and then sign back in. You can also reinstall Instagram for good measure and in order to clear all local data. When you are signed back in, you can try to perform the restricted action again. If this is why you were restricted, then the shadowban should be lifted via now.

Add phone number

Restrict Certain Activity

In case you guys have a fairly recent profile then adding a phone number will also help identify you not as a bot. This way you guys can lift bans from your profile as well. Head to Instagram > Settings > Account > Personal Information > Phone Number. Now just add your phone number and verify it along with the one-time code sent to your device. And that’s just it! Restart the Instagram app and you should now be able to perform the restricted actions as well.

Reinstall Instagram

This is a simple method that seems to have worked for a lot of users. Simply reinstall the app for Instagram on your mobile device actually. This should help clear cookies, cache, and also any other conflicting local data that might be causing issues along with your account. When reinstalled, log back into your account and try to perform the restricted action again. If restrictions seem to be lifted, then you guys are good to go.

Switch to mobile data 

Changing your network to mobile data has also seemed to work for many users. This could also be a region-restricted fix to certain parts of the world because of some carrier-specific features, however, you can try it nonetheless. Close the Instagram app, then switch to mobile data, and relaunch the app. If you guys can perform the restricted action then you are good to go. Your Wi-Fi IP address also has likely been flagged via Instagram.

Stop Running bots or third-party services

This is a given, however, you should definitely stop running any unapproved third-party botts or services that you might be using along with your Instagram account. Along with these services not only surpasses your daily action limits, however, also get you marked for unusual activity. Thus we recommend you stop using these services at the earliest and then try restoring your account via one of the fixes in this list.

Get in touch with Instagram Support

Restrict Certain Activity

You can also get in touch with the Instagram support team in case nothing seems to work for you actually. Just pen Instagram > Settings > Help > Report a problem > Report a problem. You guys can now use the on-screen instructions in order to report a problem to Instagram and a support ticket will be generated for the same. You will be able to track the ticket’s progress via going to the Help section again in the future as well.

Link your Instagram and Facebook account

This is another way in order to verify your identity to Instagram and in turn. Just lift any restrictions placed on your account because of it being marked as spam or bot. Then open Instagram > Settings > Account > Sharing with other apps > Facebook. Now you have to follow the onscreen instructions in order to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together. When linked, then try to perform the restricted action again. If you guys are successful, then your identity has now been verified and also you guys have been unmarked as a spam or bot.

Change your IP Address

This has also helped a lot of users lift restrictions off of their accounts. You can also use a third-party app or service in order to change your IP address. That will help Instagram reverify your identity and activity. If all checks out then any restrictions placed on your account also should be lifted. Just simply restart the Instagram app after changing your IP address and then see if you can perform the restricted action or not.

Switch your device

Some users have been able to lift restrictions off of their Instagram account via switching devices. Instagram seems to flag mobile devices in a lot of cases that leaves you with no choice but to change your device. If you’re using a user device then it is likely that it was flagged because of a previous account’s activity. However, now you have to suffer the consequences.

Verify your profile

Restrict Certain Activity

If you guys are still unable to lift the shadowban, then it’s time to verify your profile along with Instagram. This will add a blue tick beside your profile and permanently make sure that Instagram never identifies you as a spam/bot in the future. But, keep in mind that getting verified is completely up to Instagram’s discretion and your request could also be denied in the future. Just open Instagram > Settings > Account > Request Verification. Now follow the on-screen steps in order to verify your account and give the necessary information. When approved, your profile will not only be verified but any restrictions placed on your account should also be lifted.

Post something

Haven’t guys posted in a while? Inactive profiles most of the time get marked as Spam relying on their previous activity. If you have been inactive for a while then you guys have been likely marked as Spam or Bot via Instagram. Do what normal people do on Instagram, just post a photo, share a story, create a reel, watch something, browse a little as well. As you browse and find your way around Instagram, your activity should automatically help you to lift your restrictions.

Note: It can take more than 48 hours for your restrictions to get lifted. 

Last Resort: Wait it out (12 to 48 hours)

If this is your first shadowban then you probably don’t have to worry that much. These restrictions are most likely probation and the next 24 to 48 hours of activity will basically help determine. If Instagram will place permanent restrictions on your account or not. You can simply take a break, in this case, just leave the platform for a while and maybe do some forced social detox in return. After 24 hours or 48 hours, you can try to perform the restricted action again. In most first-time cases, the restrictions should have been lifted by now as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this “we restrict certain activity” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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