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How Do I Restore the Old YouTube Layout

Restore the Old YouTube
Written by Kelly Houstan

The User Interface design of YouTube has now changed a lot of times in the past few years. YouTube has also undergone a variety of UI appearance changes as compared to many other Google sites as well as apps. With almost every change, a new feature gets added and implemented as well. Most of the users love the added feature, whereas others really don’t. For instance, a new change along with a bigger thumbnail size may also be liked via many yet become annoying for many users. In such scenarios, there’s always the option in order to restore to the old YouTube layout. Just read this article to know all about How Do I Restore the Old YouTube Layout. Let’s begin!

Are you guys not happy along with the new interface and also want to revert to the earlier one? We bring to you a perfect guide that will also help you in order to restore the old YouTube layout.

How Do I Restore the Old YouTube Layout

Officially, Google does allow any troubleshooting methods in order to restore the old version of its sites. The below steps may prove to be useful for a few versions of YouTube. However, as of 2021, these steps don’t really seem to work for most of the users.

Just don’t worry, there is another way to tackle this problem. You guys can use the Try Improve YouTube Chrome extension since it’s a more viable alternative. Although it does not fully restore the old YouTube site on your device. It does help you guys convert the User Interface of YouTube to a less complicated and more user-friendly layout as well.

Now let’s see how you can restore the old YouTube layout via Chrome developer tools:


  • You have to open the YouTube website via clicking here. The Home page of YouTube will also be displayed on the screen.
  • There, tap and hold Control + Shift + I keys simultaneously. A pop-up window will also appear on the screen.
  • So, in the top menu, you will see a lot of options such as Sources, Network, Performance, Memory, Application, Security, as well. Here, tap on Application.
  • Now, just tap on the option titled, Cookies in the new menu.
  • Just double-click on Cookies in order to expand it and choose
  • Now, a lot of options such as Name, Value, Domain, Path, Size, as well., will then be displayed on the list on the right-hand side. You have to search for PREF that is under the Name column.
  • You have to look for the Value table in the same row and double tap on it.
  • Now double-clicking on the Value of PREF will then enable you to edit the field. Just replace the field along with f6=8.

Note: Replacing the value field might many times change the language preferences.

  • Now, just close this window and then reload the YouTube page.

You guys will see your old YouTube layout on the screen as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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