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How to Remove Friends on Snapchat

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In this article, we are going to tell you how you can remove or block unwanted friends from your friend list on Snapchat. However, before that let us see what Snapchat actually is, why is it used and what features make it so famous among the youth.

Since its release, Snapchat instantly gained an audience and has now a community of up to a billion Snapchat users. It is actually a social media platform that primarily focuses on sending pictures and videos that expire when the viewer has opened it. One can only view a media file a maximum of two times as well. Snapchat also sends a notification whenever someone actually takes a screenshot.

It also offers a really wide variety of filters in order to click photographs and capture videos. The security & privacy features and photography filters of Snapchat are actually the main points of its popularity among folks.

How to Remove Friends on Snapchat

If there are a few people who irritate you with their snaps as well as if you simply do not want someone to see any of your content or send you any. Then you can either remove them from your friend list as well as block them straight away too.

Snapchat is actually a bit different from Facebook and Instagram where you guys can just unfollow or unfriend someone actually. In order to remove a friend on Snapchat, you guys have to visit his or her profile. Search for options, then long-press on more, and then block as well as remove. Well, do not you feel overwhelmed? We have now explained each and every step in detail in this article. So just sit tight and then follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, just open Snapchat on your Android or iOS device.
  • You guys then have to log in to your Snapchat account. The homepage of Snapchat opens along with a camera in order to click pictures if you guys already are logged in to your account. You will also see a bunch of many other options all over the screen.
  • Now here you have to Swipe Left to open up your chat list, or you guys can just tap on the message icon at the bottom icons bar. It is actually the second icon from the left.
  • Now just locate the friend whom you guys want to remove or block from your friend list. When you guys have done it, click and hold the name of that friend. A list of options will now appear.
  • Just click on More. This will basically reveal some extra options. Here, you guys will find options in order to block and remove that friend.
  • Now just click on Remove Friend. A confirmation message will then pop up on your screen asking if you guys are sure about your decision.
  • Click on Remove in order to confirm.

Remove Friends on Snapchat

How to Block Friends on Snapchat | remove friends on Snapchat

Snapchat also permits you in order to block people from your account. In order to block a person on Snapchat, you will have to follow these steps 1 to 5 exactly as mentioned above. When you have done that, rather than going for the Remove friend option, click on Block and then just confirm it.

Whenever you click on the block button, it not only blocks that person from your account. However, also removes him or her from the friend list. There is one more way in order to remove or block a friend on Snapchat. You can also access the ‘block’ as well as the ‘remove friend’ option from the profile of a friend. All you have to do is:

  • First of all, click on the Bitmoji of that friend. This will then open up the profile of that friend.
  • Press the three dots that are available on the top right corner of the screen. This will then open up a list of available options as well.
  • Now you only have to tap on the Block as well as Remove Friend option as per your choice, then confirm it, and you guys are done.

Check All Snapchat Friends Recently Had chat with

If you guys are looking for all friends along with whom you had chatted on your Snapchat. Then you guys can find the list of your recent friends from the chat section as well. I just looked into the settings on Snapchat and also found that just via tapping the clear option you guys can see the all recent friends that you chat with.

In order to see all the chats that you guys recently had with your friends,

  • First of all, just open your Snapchat account. Then, head to your profile via clicking your bitmoji on the top left corner.
  • Your profile details are now right there in front of you. From here head to the settings via clicking the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right corner.
  • Now under settings scroll down to ‘Privacy’.
  • There you guys will see a lot of options. Find the option is ‘Clear Conversation’.
  • With clicking on clear conversation, a list of all the chats you had earlier also including the most recent and the oldest, all chats appears here.
  • Choose the ones that you want to delete and they will be deleted permanently. Until you guys have a new conversation for it to reappear.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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