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How To Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager – Tutorial

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio
Written by Kelly Houstan

Realtek HD Audio Driver is actually the most commonly used sound driver for managing the sound settings for the Windows system as well. Realtek High Definition Audio Manager basically comes packed along with the Realtek Audio driver. This basically is the most commonly used sound driver that also loads along with incredible features. And it supports a six-channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) along with 16.20.24-bit Pulse Code Modulation in channel audio of 5.1. Just read this article to know all about How To Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager – Tutorial. Let’s start!

Fundamentally, the sound driver actually eases the sound control play on the Windows desktop and is also known to offer a high-quality sound to your system or also headphones via the audio card. It is tagged along with your audio device or adapter to enhance the sound experience. Recently, Windows users also have reported difficulty in accessing the sound driver. The users have also had the Realtek HD Audio Manager icon being lost or also gone astray from the taskbar, system tray, and notification section as well. The issue might have probably triggered either after the Windows update as well as because of a change in native audio driver or sound card.

How To Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager – Tutorial

Manually Update Realtek Audio Drivers

  • Tap on Windows Key + R then type devmgmt.msc and click on Enter to open Device Manager.
  • Now expand Sound, video, and game controllers and then right-tap on “Realtek High Definition Audio” & choose Update driver.

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio

  • So, in the next window, tap on “Search automatically for updated driver software“.
  • In case, you guys already have the updated driver then you will see the message “The best drivers for your device are already installed“.
  • If you don’t really have the latest drivers then Windows will automatically update Realtek Audio drivers to the latest update available as well.
  • When finished, then just reboot your PC to save changes.

If you guys are still facing the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue and then you have to manually update the drivers, just follow this guide.

  • Again open Device Manager and then right-tap on Realtek High Definition Audio & choose Update driver.
  • This time, you have to tap on ” Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Then, you have to select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  • Choose the appropriate driver from the list and tap on Next.
  • Now let the driver installation complete and then restart your PC.

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager | Reinstall Realtek HD Audio

  • First of all, open your favorite web browser then navigate to this website.
  • Then you will be directed towards the download page, now under “PC Audio Codecs” choose to the latest driver available.

Note: You have to make sure to download the proper driver according to your system architecture.

  • If you guys are unable to find then either you need the driver for AC’97 Audio Codecs Software or High Definition Audio Codecs Software.

Note: For most of the users, you have to download the High Definition Audio Codecs. However, if you’re on an old system then only you need to download AC’97 Audio Codecs as well.

  • Whenever the file is downloaded, double-click on the setup files and then follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the latest Realtek High Definition Audio drivers as well.
  • Now navigate to the following location in the file explorer as well:

C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe

  • Just double-click on RtkNGUI64.exe in order to open the Realtek HD Audio manager.

Disable Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

  • Tap on Windows Key + R then type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes) and click on enter to open Device Manager.
  • Now expand System Devices and right-click on Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio and then select Disable.
  • Tap on Windows Key + I to open Settings and then tap on Apps.
  • Now from the left-hand menu make sure in order to select Apps & feature.
  • Then under Apps & features, you guys find a search box, type “Realtek High Definition Audio Driver” in it.
  • Then just Uninstall under Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.
  • Now just visit Realtek to download the latest driver and Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager as well.

Use Add legacy to install drivers to support older Sound Card | Reinstall Realtek HD Audio

  • Tap on Windows Key + R then type “devmgmt.msc” (without even quotes) and hit enter in order to open Device Manager.
  • In Device Manager, choose Sound, video and game controllers and then tap on Action > Add legacy hardware.
  • Tap on Next, select ‘Search for and install the hardware automatically (Recommended).’
  • Now reboot your system to save changes.


Do I need Realtek HD Audio Manager?

Realtek High definition audio driver is really important for connecting the audio systems in your Windows PC along with sound cards and speakers as well. If there are no problems along with the audio, then this driver may not in a need of running your Desktop audio as well.

How can I add Realtek to Device Manager?

In order to add Realtek to Device Manager, go to the Device Manager. Then scroll down to “Sound, video and game controllers” and find “Realtek High Definition Audio”.

How can I redownload Realtek Audio Manager?

In order to redownload Realtek audio driver Windows 10, you guys have to tap on the Windows key + X hotkeys. Then, choose Device Manager on the menu. Double-click Sound, video, and game controllers in order to expand that category. Further, right-click Realtek High Definition Audio and choose the Uninstall device option. After completing this, restart your Windows PC after uninstalling the Realtek audio driver as well. Then reinstall the Realtek audio driver manually as well.

Why can’t I find Realtek HD Audio Manager?

If you guys are not able to find the Realtek HD audio manager in Control Panel, then you can find it in File Explorer. Head to C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA. Double-tap on RtkNGUI64.exe. You will find Realtek HD, audio manager. If you guys still can’t find Realtek audio manager, then you may have to reinstall Realtek audio manager via updating your Realtek HD audio driver.


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