Register to participate in the PTA action RPG Red Stone 2, release July 10

RPG Red Stone 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

Studio Ludic Games shared the PTA schedule for the new mobile RPG Red Stone 2 . It is the official sequel to the original MMORPG Red Stone Online, which was quite popular on the PC. On the iOS platform, the test has already begun, and on Android starts tomorrow, July 3. Registration is available by reference.

Red Stone is a fantasy medieval action RPG, the action of which takes place in a fictional world called Prandel. You will hire legendary companions, craft rare equipment, go to epic expeditions and, of course, fight in the PvP arena and take part in the battles of guilds.

RPG Red Stone 2

A total of 10 chapters are expected in the campaign. You will be able to choose one of the 4 standard classes, each of which during evolution evolves in one of two professions. So far, the project is only available in Indonesian and English with Japanese voice acting. But soon full English localization is expected.

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The release should take place on July 10th.

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