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Red Dead Redemption 2 will display the gaming card on a smartphone or tablet

Red Dead Redemption 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

In theory, this will help gamers not to interrupt the gameplay on such an unimportant thing as viewing the direction of movement. The company Rockstar announced on the official website the release of a mobile companion application for the upcoming adventure western Red Dead Redemption 2. It will allow you to display a virtual world map on your smartphone or tablet so that people do not stop the game to view the direction of travel.

After binding the application to the game, the mobile companion will display the location of the main character on the map online. Recall, it includes all the locations of the original Red Dead Redemption. Using a smartphone or tablet, a person will be able to scale the map, leave tags on it, and also view character statistics and the event log.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Also, the player can disable the card in Red Dead Redemption 2, transferring it to a mobile device. Rockstar wants a person not to be distracted from the gameplay for basic tasks, but the additional functions of the application (all except displaying the character on the map) are unlikely to help, because the gamer, in any case, will have to put the gamepad down to mark the map or click the view button statistics.

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The release of the companion program for iOS and Android is scheduled for October 26 – the very same day will be released the game Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the review of which will appear on our portal soon.

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