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How to Recover Data from Stolen Pixel Including Pictures, Contacts

Written by Hassan Abbas

Pixel series of Google stands many of the best smartphones of this era. It has the entirety to face within the strains of iPhone, Samsung S & Note Series, and OnePlus telephones. The element that makes Pixel special is the stock Android operating system and a remarkable digicam. Pixel phones irrespective of if it’s of the primary generation or 2d, all are strolling at the cutting-edge Android 10 running machine. It’s awesome how Google maintains help for all its smartphones even after years of their release. In this guide, we are able to communicate approximately how can you access the information that is found in it remotely if your telephone is missing. Also, how can you recover data from stolen Pixel? Including photos, videos, contacts, and notes.

I can recognize the pain of dropping your cellphone. In this period, whilst all the reminiscences and crucial stuff is stored within the telephone within the form of either photographs or notes. The pain of getting your phone stolen is huge. Considering, we’re so used to smartphones and we are so structured upon them for our daily chores. Living without one seems not possible.

Pixel Data

How to Access Data Remotely in a Pixel this is Missing or Stolen:

Now the Pixel is lost or stolen. What to do next? It does not depend on which Pixel are you using, its Pixel 2, Pixel 3A or Pixel 4. It is always subsidized up along with your Google account. All your Pictures, Videos, Contacts, Notes, App Data, SMS Text messages, WhatsApp information, Wifi Passwords. Everything is saved and guarded on your cloud. Just ensure inside the settings that you have enabled the backup of your telephone and it is making everyday backups to the clouds.

While putting in place a brand new Pixel smartphone for the first time. You have requested a question in case you want to set it up as a brand new smartphone or you want to restore a backup of present Pixel backup. All you have to do is to pick the option “Setup from existing backup”. You get all your statistics back into the new phone. This is how you can recover facts from the stolen pixels and shift them to every other Pixel. If you’ve got any other pixel that is already in use. You want to get entry to facts of your stolen Pixel on it, you can manufacturing facility reset your pixel smartphone and while it’ll activate after manufacturing unit reset. It will ask you which backup you need to restore on this Pixel smartphone.

Pixel Data

For instance, you don’t have a Pixel on which you can repair the records. You can get right of entry to your information online using the technique underneath.

Recover Pictures, Contacts, Videos, Contacts and Notes from Stolen Pixel:

In this technique, I will manual you on how are you going to get admission to your Contacts, Notes, Pictures, Videos and Notes that have been present for your Pixel cellphone whilst it becomes stolen. There are some constraints to it. However, mostly you’ll come through the restrictions in case you had been the use of Pixel as it was intended to be. There are a few questions that you have to ask yourself after which I can inform you if you can get better records from stolen Pixel or now not.

  • Were you the use of Google Photos as your default Gallery?
  • Automatic backup was on? You can find it by means of going to Settings -> System -> Backup.
  • Your Google account becomes related to your phone and automated synchronization was one?
  • You were the usage of Google Keep to make notes?
  • You had been using Google Default app “Phone” and “Contacts” to keep your contacts and make calls.

Pixel Data

Access to your Pictures and Videos

Now when you have Yes as an answer to the above-requested questions. Congratulations, you may access your information for your computer or on some other tool the usage of their website or internet apps.

  • In order to get the right of access to your Pictures and Videos: Login to Photos the use of your Gmail account.
  • If you need to peer your notes stored in Google Keep: Login to Keep legit website.
  • You can access your contacts that were synced along with your Gmail account using the web version of the contacts app.
  • In addition, you could even see your Search History of your telephone and Location History (The locations wherein you’ve got been to) the use of the web version of Google Apps.

Recover Data from Stolen Pixel

All those apps have net versions. It does not remember if you had Pixel 2 or Pixel 4 XL. All you want is, that your account is synced along with your Gmail.


I would love to conclude with this desire which you had been able to get admission to and recover records from stolen pixel smartphone. In this period, when the entirety is backed as much as the cloud. Chances are very uncommon that we’re locked out of our facts. Above all, while we are offered with such functions of creating backups and all. We have to absolutely utilize those perks.

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