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How to Reassign Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

Reassign Mouse Buttons
Written by Kelly Houstan

Any computer user will actually know that the default actions for the standard mouse buttons. That are left click to choose, right-click in order to show the context menu, and the wheel is used for scrolling as well. Most of the mice also have a third button on the scroll wheel that doesn’t really have a default function. And can actually perform different actions relying on the software you are using. For instance, the middle mouse button in Google Chrome can close tabs, open links in new tabs, and auto-scroll as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Reassign Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

More expensive or premium mice can also come along with upwards of ten or more buttons. Using the software that is designed for the mouse, you guys will be able to configure the buttons in order to perform a number of different tasks as well. The company that makes this software will mostly only support the mice it manufactures actually. So you can’t use Logitech software along with a Razer or Corsair mouse, and etc.

However, most companies support their mice along with software, some mice are more generic or come from a manufacturer that hasn’t made its own software actually. If that is the case, you guys will need another way in order to change and customize your mouse button actions. Since Windows doesn’t have any built-in options to do it. Here we show 5 ways how you guys can assign various predefined actions to your mouse buttons as well.

How to Reassign Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

Reassign Mouse Buttons

  • Out of the box, Windows 10 also lets you switch the primary tap button on a mouse but nothing else.
  • Download X-Mouse Button Control. It also has both an installable version, and also a portable version. Pick whichever you guys want to use and run the app.
  • By default, the app will list mouse buttons that you guys can modify. Your mouse may not have all these buttons, hwever, the app will list them anyway. Open the dropdown next to the button that you guys want to remap.
  • You should go through the whole list of items in the dropdown. It lists quite a few common actions that you guys might want one of the buttons on your mouse in order to execute. Choose them and tap on Apply.
  • If the list of actions doesn’t have what you need the button to do, then open the dropdown and choose the ‘Simulated Keystrokes’ option. In the window that opens, then enter the keyboard shortcut that you want to execute. You will have to follow the syntax given in the same window. It’s really easy to follow and tells you how you can use modifier keys, and other buttons to enter a keyboard shortcut.
  • You should also look over the options in the ‘How to send the simulated key strokes’ dropdown and also decide when the shortcut should be executed. Tap on Ok, and then Apply on the main app’s window.
  • X-Mouse Button Control supports multiple profiles so if you guys have to modify mouse buttons for certain apps. Then you can create a profile and use it only for that specific app.

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