Readdle’s Spark 2.5 for iOS

Written by Hassan Abbas

Spark 2.5 for iOS: In its huge redesign in years, Readdle’s beautiful Spark email client for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been redesigned from start. It includes new features such as inbox avatars, support for iOS 13’s Dark Mode, various window support on iPadOS and other perks.

My Experience:

Just right off the bat, I went to my Spark settings and clicked Personalization → Color Scheme to allow the new avatar option to make browsing my inbox. To become visually easier with people’s photos and company logos next to emails. Spark’s personalization settings come with the option to select between Dark Mode and truly Black Mode. As the company says was created to lower eyestrain and increase battery life.


To help fit your workflow and improve your productivity, Spark now lets you cherry-pick email actions that will be shown at the bottom of the email compose window.

iPad owners will be happy to hear that Spark now takes advantage of some of the productivity enhancements. Apple introduced with iPadOS that lets you open two Spark emails in a side-by-side multitasking view, the floating keyboard with QuickPath typing, new productivity gestures and more.

What’s new in Spark 2.5 For iOS?

Here’s an overview of everything new in Spark 2.5 for iOS:

  • Slick new design:

Now, Spark feels smooth, effortless, yet super powerful to help you love your email again.

  • Enjoy the stylish Dark Mode:

We’ve carefully chosen the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Choose the Dark or a truly Black mode in the Personalization settings Color Scheme.

  • Inbox with avatars:

Sparks make it easier to breeze through your emails with people’s photos or company logos next to the emails. Turn them off or on at will in Spark Settings → Personalization → Color Scheme.

  • Customize email actions:

Choose which email actions are shown at the bottom of an email to fit your personal inbox workflow better and create the experience you love.

  • Multiple windows support on iPad:

Open two Spark windows side by side on your iPad. Why? You could open a long email and compose a response on the right, without any need of going back and forth.

  • Sync of contacts on all your devices:

Label an email address as an important one on iPhone and it will be automatically defined as important on your Mac or iPad.

Bug fixes in Spark 2.5 for iOS:

And here’s a list of important bug fixes in Spark 2.5 for iOS:


  • A rare but irritating issue with wrong email titles
  • An error where some emails disappeared during the search
  • A problem with the incorrect name of video attachments
  • And an issue with timestamp format
  • Crash on watchOS 4
  • Incorrect email rendering for peculiar cases
  • An issue in keyboard selection in the email lists
  • Improved email sync stability

Readdle, behind not only Spark but also a plethora of other apps for Apple devices, this week updated Documents, their ultimate file manager for iOS, with such cheerful as support for iOS 13’s Dark Mode, multi-window support on iPad, PDF editor, etc.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Spark, visit the official website.

Spark for iOS is a free download from the App Store. The iOS edition of Spark includes a brilliant Apple Watch component. Recently, The Spark apps passed one million active users.

For MAC:

Spark is also available on the Mac.


For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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