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‘Read it’ Feature in Google Assistant

‘Read it’ Feature in Google Assistant
Written by Hassan Abbas

‘Read it’ Feature in Google Assistant: The major tech company in the business, Google, is already known for its razor-sharp software revolution. It just not only command the leading mobile OS (operating system) in the world but it also constantly working on making other Google products as inclusive as possible.

The US-based software massive has been pushing more and more accessibility choices in Android-powered devices. And the latest addition is a highly-anticipated Google Assistant magnification.

Google Assistant, as we all know, is no doubt the most-used assistant app for Android devices. From checking hotel reservations to composing a text, it is proficient in carrying out lots of day-to-day tasks with ease. Not only this but also it comes with an outstanding voice recognition system that enables you to carry out all of the tasks without laying a finger on your device’s screen.

Now we all are at the digital age, it’s not difficult to get engaged in the world of short, intuitive articles and well-thought-out opinion pieces. However, we can’t find the time or to actually finish what we started. People having visual unfitness often skip longer articles even when they are anxious to get to the bottom of it. Google, admit the need for better software intervention in this regard, has brought a feature that ensures to help all of us, one way or the other.

‘Read it’ Feature in Google Assistant

What is ‘Read it’?

Similarly, we say ‘Hey Google’ to supplicate the Assistant, saying the phrase ‘Read it’ would make Google Assistant read a web article, no questions asked. Google Assistant reads text messages out loud, and this feature kind of feels like an extension of the said feature — Text-to-Speech.

‘Read it’ is also available in 42 languages. So, here are the chances you will be able to hear your favorite web article in the language you are most comfortable in. This new neural net-based, text-to-speech service also enables you to select your playback speed, ensuring maximum convenience.

Google has used Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm to create a more natural-sounding voice. But they are very least, isn’t unsettling.

How to use it?

Google has always prioritized ease-of-use above pretty much everything else. It makes this feature super convenient to use. Here’s how to make Google Assistant read your web page aloud:

Step 1:

At first just say ‘Hey Google’ when in ChromeGoogle app, or Google News.

Step 2:

After this, the Assistant pops up, just say ‘Read it.’

Google Assistant will begin reading the webpage upon which you invoked the Assistant.

How to get the Read It in Google Assistant?

Sadly, ‘Read it’ isn’t available for the public yet. However, the company promised that the service would become available in the next few months for those devices running Android 5 and above.


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