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How To Use RDA IMEI Tool

Written by Hassan Abbas

RDA IMEI Tool allows you to change the unique IMEI number on devices running the RDA compliant chipset. Not only IMEI, but this tool can also be used to change other Read-Only numbers on compatible devices.

This IMEI tool is quite a handy utility you can use to modify your device’s read-only properties such as IMEI and MBSN. All of the download links are fast and responsive. Also, before the links, you can take a brief look at the features this tool offers.


  • The Program writes IMEI numbers.
  • The device connected should have a telecommunication modem and an RDA Chipset.
  • It can write not only IMEI but also write Multiple System Properties at once.
  • It is very small in size.


  • You need a Physical RDA Chipset Powered device.
  • Follow the instruction carefully.
  • Make sure you know your device IMEI number (to check it simply dial *#06# on your device and see IMEI number)
  • Flashing IMEI other than original may cause trouble to you.

Use the RDA IMEI Tool:

Step 1:

Download and install the RDA USB Driver on your PC.

Note: If you already installed the RDA USB Driver then you don’t need to install it again just skip the step.

Step 2:

After this download and extract the RDA IMEI Tool. After extracting a list of files shown on your screen.

Step 3:

Then Open iewimei_eng.exe to launch the tool.

Step 4:
Once it launched a pop-up appears on your screen.
Step 5:
Now Click on the Write IMEI Checkbox to enable it.
Step 6:

Now put the 15 digit IMEI number in the box.

Note: If your device has multiple SIMS then, in that case, click on the Setup and under the sim card count Choose the required number of SIM and then click OK.

Step 7:

After that connect your RDA chipset powered device to PC.

Note: Before connecting your device must be in Download mode. To Boot into Download Mode: Simply switch off your device > Press and Hold Volume Up + Power button for few seconds until download mode appears.

Step 8:
Once connected click on the Start button to begin IMEI flashing or Write process.
Step 9:

The process takes a few minutes to complete. Once it is completed you’ll be able to see a Success message at the end.

Congratulations! All done!

Flashing is completed now click on Stop button and remove your device from the computer and restart it.


You’ve successfully done it!

These are the instructions that you must follow carefully to use RDA IMEI Tool on Physical RDA Chipset Powered device. But if you still find any difficulty then let us know in the comment section below!

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